Thursday, December 23, 2010

another thought

Just some words springing to mind on a summer drive to somewhere more important than the most beautiful feeling...

and i saw a butterfly for just a while.
she was free and flighting as we sat,
trapped inside plans already set in a motion towards town.
our wheels spun and we listened to some summer liquid gold.
i couldn't help feeling like i wanted to be somewhere else,
closer to that feeling inside the song.
but i loved the moment.

Hope you like them.

A quick hello.

Hope you’ve all got you’re Christmas shopping done and dusted because tomorrow is Christmas Eve!

I’m so happy that today is my last day at work but my day kinda started off miserably. I made myself a scrumptious sandwich and packed a piece of the most delicious cheesecake for lunch. Before my colleague picked me up I quickly shot off to the shop to get some airtime and when I got back home my key wouldn’t work in our gate.

What. The. Hell.

As hard as I tried the key, pleaded with the gate and grumbled in exasperation the key and the gate were not friends this morning. So, as a result, I’m lunchless. This is a big deal for someone like me – I’m the grumpiest person alive on an empty stomach.

It’s going to be a long day. *Sighs*

How’s your day going though?

Ps, just in case he’s reading, I’d love it if the lovely drummer boy would surprise me with a beautifully setup lunch spot like the one in the photo.

THAT would be romantic…

Found the pic here

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Three more days til Christmas

Last night the Marja and I went for a walk along the beach. It was great to be out in the fresh air after sitting at a desk for over seven hours.

Everyone on the beach seemed to be in a good mood which was really refreshing. We stopped off at a few shops on the way home and picked up some small add-on presents and then we went home to wrap!

I always find that presents look so much more interesting and intriguing when they’re wrapped. The decorative paper and perfectly placed celotape is one of my favourite things about Christmas or birthdays – I just love getting gifts that are a complete surprise.

After bundling a few things into their respective wrappings the Marja and realised we still have so much shopping to do and loads more wrapping! The idea exhausted us so we decided to chill out and watch The Big Bang Theory (I absolutely LOVE Sheldon).

So now, when I get home from work I’m probably going to have to submerge myself in sticky-tape, gifts and reindeer bedecked paper.

I’m tempted to ask you all what you’re getting your loved ones for Christmas but don’t want you to ruin the surprise so mum’s the word.

Just one thing – I know puppies and kittens are cute, and can potentially be the perfect gift of all to give a friend, child or partner but please think really hard before you decide to buy a little dog or cat for someone else. Taking care of an animal is a huge responsibility and if the receiver isn’t really ready to look after a new “Snowy” or “Patches” they may end up on the street. Every year after the 25th of December thousands of small animals are abandoned because they can’t be looked after properly which is the saddest thought ever. If you do want to buy a pet as a gift rather tell the person beforehand to see if they’re ready for it. You might even have a great time going along with that person to choose the kitten or puppy.

Otherwise please have the most amazing Christmas. I know I’m looking forward to the scrumptious dinners and lunches and leftovers.

My stomach is already growling to the tune of “We Wish You a Merry Christmas” (if that’s even possible).

What's your favourite thing about Christmas?
Much love, Red Noses and Snow-flakes,

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The Weekend That Was

Woah. Last Sunday I got a scratch in my throat. On Monday morning I felt groggy and by the afternoon I felt like my brain was a marshmallow. Yes kids, I was sick. I paid my Doc a little visit on Tuesday (the lovely drummer came with me for moral support – I’m petrified of hospitals/mediclinics/dentists…) and was booked off for the whole week.

I felt like absolute dog poo.

I spent the entire week horizontal and by Friday was still not better. So, this weekend I…

+ Was sick, very very sick.
+ Was in a photo shoot with the lovely Wal.
+ Slept a lot.
+ Was alone (the lovely drummer was on a coastal tour and my Marja was super busy).
+ Tried to go Christmas shopping but ended up buying nothing.
+ Couldn’t eat.
+ Saw my beautiful friend RaRa for a bit.
+ Felt uber sorry for myself.
+ Coughed and blew my nose for what seemed like forever.
+ Went to a Sunday Christmas lunch at the Clovelly Golf Club

You’ll be happy to know that I’m almost better, just trying to get rid of this menacing-sounding cough. Hooray!

What did you do this weekend?

I found this image here, how cute is it? 

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Some saucy lingerie

Ok, so what girl doesn't like getting lacy, fancy, gorgeous lingerie for free!?!

I don't know either :)

The lovely Miss Bobby of Bobbylicious has got a treat for all of us - she's running a giveaway with Confident Curvs (oooooh) and the winner will be announced on 24 December (just in time for a sexy Christmas).

So visit Miss Bobby's blog here to enter...and as much as I love you readers, I super hope I win it ;)

My fav lingerie pattern is definitely leopard print...whats yours?
Lace, lingerie and licks

i'm sick...and Paul Ward's pics from the Caves music video launch

I don't get sick very often so when I do I get very very very sick.

On Sunday I had a slight scratch in my throat and by Monday afternoon I was so woozy that while I was sitting upright in my chair at my desk, I felt like I was twisting and turning at 90degrees.

Blergh. Yesterday I stayed at home in bed and the lovely drummer boy came to my rescue - he came with me to the doctor (I'm petrified of docters, hospitals, dentists - I hate going on my own and always Always cry).

I have body flu so am on quarantine. I'm bored and achey and coughy and this sucks.

Wouldn't mind a bit of cheering up...anyone? please?


Also, here are some awesome pics by Paul Ward of The Plastics' music video launch of Caves at the Grand Daddy Hotel. Lovely! Can you spot me? 

Monday, December 13, 2010

The Weekend That Was

It was my birthday last week! I really was spoilt and am so lucky to have the amazing people that I’ve got in my life. My weekend kinda started on Wednesday, this weekend I…

+ Attended the music video launch of The Plastics’ Caves on the roof of the Grand Daddy Hotel.
+ Took Thursday off.
+ Got so many cool presents.
+ Went shopping with the lovely drummer’s mom.
+ Had a delicious birthday dinner with my wonderful friend Nat.
+ Went to the lovely drummer boy’s gig at Zula.
+ Bashed a girl’s car (not too badly) and was shocked at how she treated me.
+ Swam and tanned, read my book, swam and tanned, read my book by the pool (on repeat).
+ Went for dinner at Tony’s in town and didn’t really like the coconut bits in my Vegetable Mozambican Curry.
+ Saved a Chameleon from lovely drummer’s Killer Cat.
+ Played Sonic the hedgehog on xbox.
+ Went to a R5 store with wonderful Wal and bought some cool things.
+ Got my legs waxed.
+ Went to see my gran and has yummy snacks.

What did you do this weekend?

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

welcome Noodle and Japarti

coolest hamms in town
So, it's my birthday tomorrow and the lovely drummer boy being the wonderful, impatient person he is has already given me (part of) my present:

Cue Noodle and Japarti, two of the cutest, engertic, snoozy, warm balls ever to exist.

I love them and I know you would too.
in the house
always sleeping during the day and super noisy at night

an inspiring package...

ooh, what's inside?

This morning I received my package all the way from South Korea courtesy of the very talented, funny and creative Che from IndieBerries blog (one of my favourites).

Here's what the package looks like - cannot WAIT to share all the goodies inside with you.

Thank you Che!!

Ps I got this lovely package because I came second in this competition on her blog. Yay me!!

ceramics and potting

My aunt and cousins have got into this craze of creating their own ceramic platters. They proudly showed off their stunning plates to my mom and I a few weeks ago and I really wanted to do one myself but it’s quite an expensive four hours for someone like me on the tiniest of salaries.

How it is works: There is a lovely potterer at Springfield Convent School who, on the weekends, has classes for anyone who wants to come and design and decorate their own platter. It’s R350 for the class and Dale (the potterer) provides you with a beautifully shaped, wet-clay platter, a working spot, the use of her tools, stamps and other decorative gear, cakes and biscuits, tea and coffee, and a calming environment where you can just let your creative juices flow.

I was so lucky to have my delightful cousin Kiki organise for me to do the class with her for my birthday. So on Saturday the lovely drummer boy dropped me off at Springfield Convent and I got to decorate my own platter.

I had no idea what to expect and when I first arrived felt so stuck: how do I start? I kept asking myself while all the ladies around me were already creating patterns, twirls and imprints on their clay.

Once I started though, it felt so easy. I opted out of making a recurring pattern and instead incorporated elements of my life into the picture. I drew a tree and stamped in some leaves for my Marja (who LOVES trees), I put in some musical notes and a rooster for the lovely drummer boy and added some fish for myself (I was quite the water baby when I was young and the lovely drummer calls me fish). I can’t WAIT to see the final product. It takes up to two weeks for the firing, colour and glazing process to be finished.

I’ll definitely show you when I get it back but for now I added some pics from Saturday afternoon. Hope you enjoy!

Also, this morning I received the most wonderful package from IndieBerries’ Che! I’m so excited (especially because it came one day before my birthday). Will post some pics up later!!

Here are some pics of my pottery day:
a little birdie told me...
my station
going with the currents
the finished product (before firing, colour and glazing of course)
lovely J's design

What do you think?

Monday, December 6, 2010

The Weekend That Was

Hello lovely readers! Hope you’re having a happy Monday so far – this week is my birthday week so I’m feeling quite perky. This weekend I…

+ Watched Scott Pilgrim vs. The World (it was tres cool).
+ Went to the Arcade at Century City and felt like a kid again.
+ Chilled on the Ground Zero couches watching movies with the boys while lovely drummer boy had band prac (Knotting Hill and Jarhead).
+ Went to Obs Fest on Friday night and drank some beers at Trench town.
+ Went to Obs on Saturday night and got rained on, only spent five minutes at a warm and cosy little pub before heading home to snuggle up under the warm covers.
+ Had dinner at Greens in Claremont – their beets, goats cheese and nut salad is honestly delicious!
+ Spent four hours pottering around on Saturday – my cousin organised for me to make my own platter for my birthday and EVERYONE should try it!
+ Was told by the lovely drummer that he had a surprise for me, I asked him if it was alive (he ALWAYS finds little animals), he said no and promptly handed over my two new baby dwarf hamsters for my birthday!! (They were very much so alive)
+ Went all the way out to the airport just to see the MASSIVE billboard which stars the lovely drummer boy (it’s a stimorol infinity ad).
+ Came home from the lovely drummer’s house to a full house (guests) and he and I had to sleep on the floor in the lounge (it reminded me of sleepovers).

What did you do this weekend?

Thursday, December 2, 2010


I used to be really scared to spend time in the kitchen because I often have NO clue what I’m doing. I love food so much though and would often think about how cool it would be if I could cook all the delicious, scrumptious-looking meals I’d see in cooking mags, recipe books and at friends’ houses.

One day I decided enough was enough, I was a grown woman (um, almost), and nothing, nothing was allowed to scare me (except for needles, toilets and dark water) (yes, I am afraid of toilets, don’t ask).

I started trying out recipes and making my own meals and at first it was too stressful to bear: I was constantly worried that I’d burn something or add too much salt or too little sauce.

But with each meal I made my confidence grew and my excitement expanded and my ideas started flowing. I wanted to try soups, pastas, bakes and roasts. So I did. I’m really trying to cook at least two or three times a week, and my favourite dishes to make are vegetarian. The night before last my mom and I had friends over and I made a Thai green curry. I was a little worried about cooking for other people but the dish turned out almost perfectly!

I was (and still am) a little proud – there wasn’t a single mouthful leftover.

I’ve definitely discovered a love for cooking and can’t wait to try all kinds of recipes!!

My favourite, favourite ingredient to cook with is courgettes.

What’s yours?

Ps, if you have any cool recipes to share with me (preferably vegetarian) please do!

Monday, November 29, 2010

The weekend that was

Flapcakes / Panjacks
Summer is definitely making an appearance in Cape Town and I’m loving it! I can’t wait to spend some of my holiday lazing at the beach (at least it’ll balance out from all the frantic and feral Christmas shopping I know most of us have to look forward to).

This weekend I…

+ Went up Signal Hill for a picnic with the lovely drummer boy, wonderful Meh and charming Wal.

+ Bought a new bikini.

+ Coloured in with lovely drummer boy’s gorgeous niece and realised you can’t always keep it inside the lines (i also love crayons).

+ Had delicious Thai Green Curry at charming Wal’s flat.

+ Went to a strange blues gig.

+ Swam.

+ Met my amazing Marja for coffee and breakfast with the lovely drummer boy.

+ Watched Harry Potter 7 (it’s amazing – go see it!!)

+ Had plans that got cancelled.

+ Watched Family Guy.

+ Started planning a picnic for lovely drummer’s little nieces.

+ Ate yummy flapcake / panjacks that were made by wal & lovely drummer boy's brother, P.

What did you do this weekend?

Here a re some more pics from my weekend:

They call him the gnome


A guinea
A Signal snack


The Franklin

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

smile grumpy shit

Soon to be Guide Dog

On Saturday the lovely drummer boy and I went to go buy his new synth. He was like a kid in a candy store and couldn’t wait to get home and try it out. As we were driving home he spotted a poster for the Cat & Dog show at the Good Hope Centre so we decided to go.

After what seemed like hours of him messing around on his new Gaia (I was very, very, VERY patient) we finally go back into the car and set off for town, me squealing in delight.

It was R50 to get in (I thought that was a little steep) and we excitedly made our way inside, expecting to see many furry faces. It was the best place in the whole world to be – there were cats, dogs, birds and even miniature ponies. I couldn’t get enough of the friendly fluffies but geez were some of the people manning the stalls miserable.

In my mind, if you know you’re going to set up a stall at a three-day exhibition in order to PROMOTE your [Enter Breed Here] Club at least put a smile on your dial. Don’t get me wrong, there were so many welcoming people willing to talk about their dog and Clubs, and really quite responsive but there were also a few who really couldn’t care less. It made me feel sad that the dogs representing the Clubs had to spend their whole day in the company of such a sour puss [hehe].

So, just so you know, all you grumpy stall people: Animal people are pleasant people, and you’re not one of them. Next year I’m bringing some rotten eggs in my bag, just in case.

But on a positive note: We got to meet the best ball-loving Australian Shepherd, a lazy wrinkly dog (no, that’s NOT the proper name), a sleepy and very, Very large St Bernard and a soon-to-be guide dog. We also said watsup to one of those dreadlock dogs (the kind Gwen Stefani had for years). They smell. Like really smell, but are still cute.

Here are some pics:
I met Scooby Doo
His ear was bigger than my hand!
Love this lil one

So many wrinkles!


The lovely drummer getting some love

Interesting "plate" for my chicken curry

It really really makes your cat happy. Really
First prize goes to "peek-a-boo" cat for her great suprise factor

Super chilled cats

Monday, November 22, 2010

The Weekend That Was

I had such an incredible and busy weekend, this weekend I…

+ Finally got the lovely drummer boy back from City Varsity (his course is officially finished)
+ Saw 30 Seconds to Mars live on Sunday courtesy of the wonderful Meh (thankyouthankyouthankyou)
+ Watched the Proteas ace it on the cricket field.
+ Went to the Cat and Dog show at the Good Hope Centre (yay!).
+ Lazed around with the lovely drummer.
+ Ate no meat on Sunday at all.
+ Went to see The Social Network.
+ Played Rummy and Go Fish on Friday night while enjoying some chilled white wine.
+ Was a panda for a little bit.
+ Saw a pizza box cat (Leo) at Ground Zero.
+ Went with the lovely drummer boy to buy his new Synth.
+ Had yummy melted cheese and avo pitas with the wonderful Meh.

What did you do this weekend?

Ps summer is on her deliciously watermelon-scented, sun ray-warmth way. I can feel it. x

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Cheer up all

I know we all feel just like this mud-covered lion sometimes: sticky, tired and totally fed up.

But take a look outside, the sun is shining (if you're in Cape Town) and we're already half way into the week which means the weekend, she is a-coming!

Also, my Bucket List has gone up on the Fashionable BeingBrazen's blog. Meep, I'm so excited!! Go read about me, go, go, you can go, it's ok. Why are you still here...GO.

Oh, and  isn't he just adorably forlorn in this pic? (I have NO idea where it comes from Thanks to Claudz of Purple Lips and Perfect Smiles I now have an inkling of where this messy lion came from, here.)

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The cat's last life

The lovely Wal and I went to meet with the photographer that we’re going to be shooting with (how exciting!) last night. We met up at Rafiki’s and chatted about ideas for outfits, locations and themes. It was really cool to try come up with interesting ideas for shoots. Sadly the night didn’t end too happily.

Afterwards we had to stop off at Wal’s work quickly and as we pulled up outside her building, just off Kloof Street, we spotted a black cat tentatively edging towards the busy road. I was worried he’d just dart across so was watching him and moved towards the traffic to see if I could try and slow a car down for the cat to cross when a homeless guy asked Wal and I for money. As we turned to him the cat shot across the road and was hit by a car. The sound was sickening and as I ran to him he was moving around crazily on the tar. A girl parked nearby shouted across that she’d take us to the nearest vet so I picked the cat up and got into her car and we drove to the medi-clinic. Sadly the cat died on the way, in my arms. I felt so helpless and angry that such an unnecessary thing had to happen.

I also experienced such compassion and unconditional caring from a few people.

To the guy who stopped his car and came over to me asking if everything was ok: the concern on your face, in voice and in the way that you were willing to stay with us was so wonderful and I am so grateful.

To the girl who dropped what she was doing to frantically drive the cat and I around trying to find a vet or clinic: Thank you, your selflessness was really appreciated, your bubbly positivity helped a lot and you truly seem to be a lovely person.

To the nurses on duty at the medi-clinic who allowed us to bring the cat into their ward checked him and, when we had discovered he had passed away called the 24 hour vet for us and wrapped the lil guy in a blanket: your readiness to help an injured animal when your job is to help people really made the ordeal much less scary and horrific. Thank you so much for calling the medi-clinic on our behalf and being so patient and caring with us.

To the two ladies on duty at the Cape Animal Medical Centre in Kenilworth: Thank you for taking him (at no cost) being so gentle with him and treating him with the respect he deserved.

You all are such wonderful people and Wal and I both appreciate your concern, help and care so much. The cat had a head trauma and we don’t think he suffered for too long – he was such a beauty and we were really sad to see him go like that.

To the hit and run. How could you not at least stop?

I was (and am) quite devastated from the whole experience and wish there was more I could’ve done.

An Evening of Fun

Lastnight the Actor and his brother came over for dinner. We had roast chicken, potato salad, cheese bread and a fresh salad, and for dessert we had tea and cake, yum! 

It really felt nice to have a sit down dinner, mostly it’s just the Marja and I so we generally sit on the couch and eat.

After dinner we played 30 Seconds, and if you’ve never played this game with even semi-competitive people, DON’T. It’s not safe.

For some bizarre reason 30 Seconds brings out the worst in some people, even I (and I kinda think I’m a laid back kinda girl and totally NOT competitive) got super annoyed last night.

Needless to say the Actor and the Marja beat us. We also watched The Amazing Race. My Marja loves this show (I do too but she LOVES it), especially because we get to see so many places we’ve never been before. I. So. Desperately. Want. To. Travel.

Cabin fever aaaaaargh. Also, I was asked to model in a swimsuit shoot this weekend. I’m so super excited and nervous all in one that I think I’m a ball of confusing energy for those onlookers who get too close. Yikes!!

oh, and by the way how cute is this coffee bear!? I found it here.

Monday, November 15, 2010

The Weekend That Was

Hey there, how amazing has this weather been hey (I’m talking Cape Town here). I know, it’s been amazing, sucks I haven’t managed to make my way to the beach yet. Have you?

Anyways, this weekend I…

+ Stayed in on Friday night with the lovely Marja (twas lovely downtime)
+ Went to see Life As We Know It at the cinema (it's good)
+ Browsed Kalk Bay shops with my three deliciously crazy cousins
+ Caught the train into town on Saturday afternoon (it’s actually such a pleasant journey)
+ Chilled with wonderful Meh and lovely Wal at lovely Wal’s flat
+ Saw The Dirty Skirts play at Assembly
+ Watched as some strange characters tried to hit on my friends
+ Slept on the floor
+ Met the lovely drummer boy in town for a quick “hello” and ended up staying in the Sound Dungeons the whole night
+ Almost bought some “Boob Pasta”
+ Was on Nurofen the entire weekend (hurt my back again)
+ Missed the lovely Se who has gone away for almost three months!
+ Decided I'm going to start eating less meat (I do try already)

What did you do this weekend?

ps, i really love this cartoonist's style. I can't tell whether Clement Lefevre is a boy or girl, but wow is he/she talented! Check out his/her work here

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

GoodMorning GoodNight

I love this awesome Good Morning Good Night Poster! It's a limited edition letterpress and it uses glow-in-the-dark ink! Awesome!!

I'd definitely have one of these in my house, though sometimes (I don't know about you) when I'm having a bad day, it makes me so grumpy I don't even want to hear the words "have a good day".

You know, those days when all you see is red and the chirpy happiness of seemingly EVERYONE AROUND YOU DOESN'T HELP!

Luckily, today is not one of those days.

I found this little design delight here on Cup of Jo and you can read more about it here

ps, how COOL is glow-in-the-dark?! I even just love SAYING it out loud.  

losing you

Yesterday afternoon I found out that a family friend had passed away. She was a childhood friend of my wonderful Aunt M, and left behind her a grown son (married) and a young son (around 8 or 9).

She also left behind her some tears, much more laughter and some fun, crazy, wine-filled, gossipy memories that I don’t think my close family members will ever forget.

She had cancer, and while we all knew she wasn’t getting any better her positivity and determination to carry on belied the fact that she was dying.

IN the past few months of 2010 we (our family) have had one aunt diagnosed with stomach cancer (in remission), one friend diagnosed with breast cancer (deceased yesterday), one gran diagnosed with lung cancer (currently going through chemo), one friend diagnosed with pancreatic cancer (currently being treated), one family friend who passed away in his sleep and one uncle’s brother who died of a heart attack.

I know this post sounds like a depressing one but I promise you it’s not. All these people are loved and their memories will never fade and I just hope that everyone who is sick and those who are losing or have lost someone know that you’re not alone, and although it’s very painful, leaning on family and friends is the most important thing you can do.

Here’s to peace for the people no longer with us and to memories that make us smiles for those of us still making our way upstream.

Much love,
Photo from here.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010


Last night we couldn’t decide what to do for dinner, we wanted takeaway Chinese but our favourite place is closed on Mondays. Then my Marja’s friend from France (who is staying with us at the moment) suggested we go to the Brass Bell’s Monday Night Quiz Evening.

It was really quite fun, even though our A-Team (the Marja, French Guest and myself) came dead last (the questions were hard ok, and ALL the other teams are super regulars).

It’s R20 per person and all the money goes into a pot. The winning team, second-place team and third-place team all get a portion of the money which I think is really cool (the winning team last night won R400 between 7 people!)

We order a large portion of juicy ribs between the three of us so when the snack platter (per team) was brought out we couldn’t finish it (the platters are complimentary). The Quiz Master took pity on us mere Quizzical Mortals and gave us a bottle of wine even though we came dead last, so we went away with a little more knowledge between the ears, full tummies and some wine. What more can you ask for?

What’s your favourite quiz question?

I quite like – What is the name given to a posh wine waiter/steward?

Can you guess it? No Googling now!!

Monday, November 8, 2010

The Weekend That Was

Hello lovelies! I’m feeling pretty happy seeing as it’s almost time to go home from work! Can’t believe how quickly this Monday flew past! But, onto important things – the weekend, this weekend I…

+ Got a pizza and a dvd with the lovely drummer boy
+ Went to visit my gran who is going through Chemo at the moment for her lung cancer
+ Spoke a lot about future plans/changes/developments/dreams
+ Caught the train from Fish Hoek to Town and really enjoyed walking up to Kloof Nek
+ Stopped at a bar and had a drink with only me for company
+ Got very very drunk with the Magic Wal on a mixture of wine, beer, punch and sparkling wine (Don’t do it. Ever)
+ Was a brat and the lovely drummer boy still loves me (He is the best)
+ Woke up with scratches and bruises all over my hands, feet knees and stomach (What was I doing!?)
+ Had a rude and slobbish hangover
+ Spent my Sunday sleeping on the sound foam in the Sound Dungeons
+ Realised how stupid it is to drink too much
+ Felt all round groggy for two days straight now

Don’t drink kids, it ain’t worth it. How was your weekend lovelies?

Pic from here 
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