Tuesday, July 5, 2011

A lil shooting fun

Last week Friday I was on set for a shoot with newcomers The Mysticcs.

We got to work with Glen Montgomery, an amazing photographer, who was taking shots of us (Zen and I) with the band.

I absolutely love getting dressed by different stylists because they always have their own way with clothes and their own gems which I inevitably get to wear. This time wasn't different, here are some silly shots of what we had to choose from:

It looks messy...but there IS a system
Love the patterns on both these dresses.
Stunning gold watch. 
A hat.
 And here is the final band pic:

I think they came out pretty cool. What fun. 

Monday, July 4, 2011

Noodle is back!

Japarti on the left and the adventuring Noodle on the right. 

Oh my goodness I'm so unbelievably happy.

Last December for my birthday the lovely drummer boy bought me two hamsters, Noodle and Japarti. On Sunday two lovely young girls came to visit and accidentally left the latch on Noodle's cage off. Needless to say the independent lil adventurer decided to go on a trip which meant that a few hours later the Marja and I found her cage completely empty.

Now, Japarti has escaped twice before but being the home buddy he is always goes straight to the corner of the room and sleeps under the curtain. Makes for easy finding. Of course that was the first place we looked but Noodle had other ideas and remained missing for the whole day yesterday.

I google hamster-finding techniques and decided to leave a pre-counted pile of sunflower seeds in every room to determine where she was hiding in the house. This morning at 3:30am the Marja comes bursting into my room saying "Noodle's in my room, I can hear noise!"

When I stumbled into her room and my eyes could finally focus I saw her sitting there in the corner of the room, looking so sweet and small. I rushed forward and instead of running away she promptly came right up to my held out hand. Hooray! My hamsters love me!

So it's a happy ending for us. But if you've lost your hamster and don't know what to do here are some great tips. on helping you find your little lost treasure. 


Oh, and by the way, that's the number of days that I've been dating the lovely drummer boy.

It's our four year anniversary today. This time four years ago we were sitting at the bar of The Rat and Parrot in Grahamstown, chatting about the night that we first kissed when all of a sudden he asked me the sweetest question.

Happy anneversary Nrt.

I love you. 

The weekend that was

Just in case you hadn't noticed it's freezing in Cape Town right now!

Another Monday, another weekend to blog about; this weekend I...

+ Had to wake up at 4:30 am to be on set for a short film.
+ I froze.
+ Spent about 11 hours in Tokai forest.
+ Stayed awake for a full 24 hours.
+ Partied on nothing but lack of sleep (that's right I had not one drink on Friday night).
+ Found out some heartbreaking news.
+ Had to be strong when I felt like I was crumbling.
+ Enjoyed a DVD date night with the lovely drummer boy.
+ Spent a lot of time alone.
+ Got depressed.
+ Felt better.
+ Lost a hamster (Noodle please come back).
+ Spent some much needed family time on Sunday which made my heart feel lighter.
+ Re-realised the healing power of animals.

Phew. Been a bit of an emotional rollercoaster. How was your weekend?

Also, don't you agree that this magical hideaway is just so beautiful? I'd love a space like to get away to and just laze and read and listen to music and dance. Wow. 
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