Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Incredible images of cocooned trees in Pakistan

The natural world intrigues me and I love hearing about incredible ways in which animals protect themselves from predators, plants manage to spread their spore using carriers and countries can move a good deal because of a tsunami.

This is one such amazing story. Last year a large portion of Pakistan was hit by bad floods and the water, which submerged one fifth of the country, took six months to recede. Of course a large number of people were affected by the natural phenomenon but so were the spiders, and their reaction to the disaster left a beautiful opportunity for some rare photos.

In the Sindh area millions of spiders made their way onto trees dotting the landscape and were stuck there for months. The result; a string of cocoons which covered their temporary homes.It's like something out of an eerie movie.

It's beautiful. Images from here.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Romeo's wish

Little Romeo, what a gorgeous face

This is kinda a sad story with a silver lining so bear with me here.

Last week the lovely and sweet Linda from The Squashed Tomato had her heart broken when the new addition ot her family, a puppy called Romea, was tragically hit by a car and killed. The little guy came from the Bellville Animal Anti-Cruelty League and as it is with most of these organisations the conditions at the grounds are not ideal.

In memory of little Romeo The Squashed Tomato has begun an initiative to create awareness around and raise funds for the AACL. Every tiny bit helps whether you offer your time, some money, cat and dog food or even if you just srpead the word. Just imagine how stoked you'd make one little puppy by buying just one chewy toy for the organisation? If we all did it there be a whole lot of happy kittens and pupps.

The energetic and loyal Romeo has left an empty space in Linda's heart and she's determined to fill that hole by taking this sad event and turning it into an opportunity to reach out for the abandoned, unwanted puppies and kittens that are just looking for a warm spot to sleep, a happy face to wake up to and a companion to give their utmost attention, devotion and unconditional love.

If you are an animal person you'll know how much Romeo meant to Linda. Please, if you feel touched by Romeo's short but joy-giving life, support this initiative by donating any amount you can afford or by buying a raffle ticket. All the proceeds (100%) will go to improving the facilities at AACL and thus the precious lives of so many animals.

You could also donate one or more items on the organisation's much-needed list which includes:
  • Lawnmower
  • Weedeater
  • Industrial tumbledryer and washing machine
  • Fly traps
  • Netting to keep flies out of the puppy run
  • Good quality blankets and towels
  • Nutritious cat and dog food

Or you could donate some prizes for the raffle. Suggested items include:
  • Vouchers
  • Cases of wine
  • Meals at restaurants
  • Accomodation for two people

If you need any more information ocntact Linda on and if you can't help with any of the above suggested ways to get involved simply retweeted and repost this message to all your friends and you'll be helping the furry faces in a big way.

My heart goes out to Linda who has had to deal with an incredibly painful experience and can sympathise completely. I'm glad that Romeo's life brought her so much happiness and sunshine.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

The weekend that was...

A tower of delicious cupcakes, la heaven!

Hello lovelies, this weekend I...

+ Sold four Poofums.
+ Ate the most delicious cupcake I've ever had.
+ Went to Mercury twice.
+ Drank wine and sang along to Backstreet Boys, Lighthouse People and Nsync.
+ Snuck into a club.
+ Went for a walk in Newlands Forest with two wonderful girls.
+ Had a braai with the crazies in my family and only ate half a piece of beef rump (I'm trying to eat way less meat).
+ Spent a lot of time behind a computer screen.
+ Decided I really like Stepdog (You should go see them).

What did you do this weekend?

Want a cat? Or three?

A family friend is looking for a home (or homes) for his three gorgeous cats, are you in the market for a new furry friend?

Titian is a gorgeous 12-year old female who loves to be in the company of humans but doesn't like to be cuddled or held. She's a fiery ginger-colour with short hair.

Bella is 9 and super friendly. She loves to be petted and is very loyal. She is also mom to Pedro. Her fur is black and white, and she has an elegant "bib" on her chest and a beautiful face.

Super sleek Pedro is an 8-year old male. He is the son of Bella. He is also loyal and very affectionate.

It would be super amazing if all three could go to the same home but if not then the owners would love it if Pedro and Bella could find a home together.

If you're thinking about getting a cat then consider one (or all) of these three. They're all gorgeous-looking and deserve a relaxed and loving home to spend the rest of their days.

If you know of anyone keen to take on a new friend please let me know, I'd love to see them find a new companion to look after!

Friday, April 15, 2011

Nerd Bunny Poofum: The Waller

So we've been making Poofums (felt toys) for almost a week and a half now and the response has been so good! People seem to really dig our toys.

At the moment we've got three orders waiting to be sized and priced (a pillow, a unicorn and a mutant-tortoise - don't ask) and we've got someone waiting for a bunny.

I'm so happily surprised at the feedback we're getting too. I'm especially proud of the latest Poofum bunny we made, the Waller.

He's a lumo-coloured bunny with nerd glasses as his accessory and he's so cute!Am really excited to be doing something super creative with my hands. Have been feeling so stifled of late and finally have a bit of an outlet.

Look out for a new range of felt toys, we're busy putting together ideas for our fruit range. Shout be "cool bananas" as one of my friends said.

In the meantime check out our Facebook page for all the other Poofums available.

Mall Rats

So last night the lovely drummer and I stayed in for some chill-time and movies. We chose Mall Rats, a Kevin Smith film, that I hadn't seen before.

It was hilarious. I can understand why I never got to see it when it first came out (I was eight and, I would imagine, too young to learn about "sex in uncomfortable places") but I can't believe I'd never heard of it before now.

One thing I must say, Jason Lee (My Name is Earl), was hot. I didn't even recognise him at first.The story follows T.S and Brodie, two friends who have just been dumped by their respective girlfriends. The two guys head to the local mall to find solace in hanging and end up meeting some pretty interesting characters along the way - they even visit a Psychic who had edible nipples.

For a laugh you should totally see it. Now I wanna see Clerks and Chasing Amy cause I'm told they're also really good Kevin Smith films.

Have you seen them?

Image from here.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

(Belated) The Weekend that was

Woah, been a busy week. I almost can't remember what I did last weekend. Almost, last weekend I...

+ Realised my friends and family are a positive and supportive bunch.
+ Had a few mini and maxi breakdowns.
+ Went to three gigs.
+ Lost one of my favourite belts.
+ Got free pizza.
+ Spent way too much time working on articles I'm not happy writing.

What did you get up to

This picture is stunning. I'd love to capture scenes like this one. It's like a dream.

Live animals in key chains

Ok what the hell is wrong with the world?

When a country says it's ok to capture Brazil turtles and king fish and then PACKAGE them into plastic bags along with some coloured water to SELL THEM AS KEY CHAINS you know shit has got to go down.

People in China think it's all a-ok though. Vendors on the sides of the streets and in the subways are selling plastic packet key chains with either a Brazil turtle or two small king fish inside. And people are buying them saying the chain will bring them good luck.

There is something seriously wrong with a country that says that this practice isn't illegal. The animals have little space to move and limited breathing air so will eventually just die. What a great idea; hang a dying animal on the end of your keys, way to make you feel good about yourself.

This is totally not ok. We live in a messed up world. 

Image from here.

So disappointing

I was invited to the launch of the Baxter Theatre's new restaurant this evening and I got the times mixed up so at 4:05 this afternoon you can imagine how stupid I felt when I saw the opening time: 4pm.

I'm so disappointed because was really looking forward to it but it seems my stress over my resignation from my job and entrance into the scary, massive, unsure world of "freelancer" has got to me. I'm a nervous-but-happy-looking-on-the-outside wreck.

Please, oh please, let this decision not be the end of me.

I've also realised that it's difficult to be happy about other people's success when you feel like a little bit of a failure yourself. It's not a nice quality to have to deal with.

All in all, excited, scared (See: petrified), looking to be brilliant at something, questioning who I am and what I should be doing with my life and hungry.

Welcome to my life. The real one.

I'm also, slowly and quietly, trying to give up meat so I won't be living life as such a raging hypocrite.

Maybe I should start smoking? 

Image from here.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Hard drives, don't buy them from streetlight vendors

So I splurged out (even though I might not have a job soon - erk) and bought myself a 1 Terabyte portable drive. Woopah! I'm so amped cause I have so many photos on my PC that it was constantly asking me for help re: clearing space up. Sorry PC.

I got the Samsung one, it looks like this

Anyways I love it lots cause it's small in size, big on space and its shiny and it's gonna let me watch lots of movies and series (anyone keen to hand over the contents of their drives? anyone?)

But also. Don't buy externals from guys at traffic lights and on the side of the road. Two people have now mentioned to me that these drives are faulty, you can't even put stuff onto them. Just a heads up everyone.

Happy Monday.

Image from here.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Arctic Monkeys announce new album

I'm a big huge fan of the Arctic Monkeys; their albums Favourite Worst Nightmare and Humbug really get me happy.

You can imagine how happy I must be, then, to hear that they've announced the release of their new album, Suck It and See, set to rock the shelves from early June 2011.

Booyah. Check out the song titles:
  1. She’s Thunderstorms
  2. Black Treacle
  3. Brick by Brick
  4. The Hellcat Spangled Shalalala
  5. Don’t Sit Down ‘Cause I’ve Moved Your Chair
  6. Library Pictures
  7. All My Own Stunts
  8. Reckless Serenade
  9. Piledriver Waltz
  10. Love is a Laserquest
  11. Suck It and See
  12. That’s Where You’re Wrong
 I'm excited. Are you?

Image from here.  

Saturday, April 9, 2011


Just got back from seeing Unknown with Liam Neeson.

I had a vague idea what the film was about going in but felt slightly confused in the frst few minutes of the movie cause we had rocked, yet again, late (thanks lovely drummer boy).

Nevertheless things quickly became clear: Liam Neeson finds himself in trouble and is pretty much capable of taking on the whole world to get his love back. Also, there's a twist.

Diane Kruger plays opposite Neeson. She's beautiful. It's hard to know if she's a good actress of not passed that. I think she is though.

It's pretty good, I love that it's set in Berlin. There are some pretty tense moments too which kept me with my hands over my mouth, gasping.

Go watch it but don't expect anything mind-blowing, just some good action, a tense car chase and some dynamite punches.

Favourite scene: In the car, when things are floating (I won't say too much cause I don't want to ruin it for you).


Image from here

Friday, April 8, 2011

Popskarr and Dirty Skirts at Zula Sound Bar

Lastnight I headed off to Zula in Longstreet to watch the lovely drummer boy play with Popskarr.

It's the second time I've seen the now three-piece band and I really dig their vibe. Front man Yannick has a great look and good on stage presence, after he's gotten over his stage fright jitters. I love the electro-dance vibe they put out and already have a few firm favourites from their artillery of tracks.

I haven't seen The Dirty Skirts in a while so was excited to check them. Zula was totally packed by the time they got on stage so there was little room to breath let alone see the band and dance. I'm a big fan of the heavier, darker tone the Skirts have adopted with heavy-metal basslines and epic synth sounds. I thought the sound wasn't great (I struggled to hear lead singer,Jeremy De Tolly, clearly at times) but that may have been because I listened from outside on the balconey or it may be because Zula is too small a venue for a band with such a big sound.

All in all a good gig. Now I'm gonna have a chilled out Saturday before we head out to Aandklas in Stellies to watch The Plastics (yes I'm a big drummer boy groupie).

Happy Saturday all.

Image from here

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Paisley and Puddles Poofums

So my cousin and I have decided to (try) start a new little business making plush/felt toys. It's something we enjoy doing and have had some really great feedback on.

Here are a few of our monster Poofums so far:

We're going to be selling them (about 20cm in height) for R80 and bigger ones can be custom-made for an extra cost. Small ones can also be ordered.

What do you think?

Check out our Facebook page and like it if you want.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

One day without shoes

Yesterday it was One Day Without Shoes day so I left my shoes off and joined other caring people in an attempt to acknowledge and raise awareness about all the children in the world who aren't priveleged enough to even own shoes.

I mostly chilled at home but had to go to the shops at some point so barefooted it. I'm used to not wearing shoes because I'll often forget to put them on but it struct me yesterday that I'm so lucky to have that choice.

Also, I stood on a tiny piece of glass which was annoying and sore - imagine if you did that everyday? I can't imagine how my feet would feel!

Did you go without shoes yesterday?

Image found here.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

The weekend that was

Blergh. It's Monday again; time for everyone to slog it back to work or school or college. Why, oh why didn't the proverbial "they" make ours a three-day week?

This weekend I...

+ Stayed in on Friday night.
+ Made a felt bunny.
+ Went to Simonstown with the Marja and ate pastries at The Sweetest Thing Patisserie.
+Checked out the Simonstown Navy Birthday Festival.
+ Spent about an hour in a compact submarine.
+ Helped out on set for The Plastics new music video (I'm in it, see if you can spot me).
+ Watched the lovely drummer boy play drums for Popskarr.
+Stayed awak for about 38 hours solid.
+ Had a mini (see: maxi) breakdown about "where am I going in my life!?"
+ Slept.

What did you do this weekend?

Also, how incredible is this illustration of a wet dog? It's by Rodri Gonzalez, I found it here.
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