Tuesday, August 31, 2010

These please

I love what Blake Lively is wearing here! I really really really want these boots.

I'm not too sure bout what Taylor Momsen is wearing though...

Sigh, a girl loves shoes.

What are your favourite pair of shoes?

Monday, August 30, 2010

The Weekend That Was

Hello lovelies! I hope you're all having a splendid Monday morning. Right now I'd much prefer to be in some far-off forest cabin with a fire going, a snuggly blanket, creamy hot chocolate and a good book. And the lovely drummer to keep me company of course.

Alas. It is monday and work beckons. At least I've got last weekend, this weekend I...

+ Met up with Cocoa for a lovely dinner at the Cape Quarter
+ Watch the craziness of Magic Of Pegasus in shock/strange revere
+ Got to bed at 6am on Sat morning
+ Went to Cape Farmhouse in Scarborough with the lovely drummer
+ Watched the last nail-biting ten minutes of the SA v. Aus Rugby game
+ Watched High-Stakes poker with the lovely drummer (and fell asleep)
+ Walked 5km for the Blisters for Bread event in Greenpoint on Sunday morning (I was up at 6!)
+ Had a brilliantly, perfectly-timed family braai (I needed some family time)

What was your weekend like lovelies?

Ps, Puffins are one of my ultimate favouritest of birds, what's yours?
Photo from here.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Muizenberg's Labia Museum

Yesterday I spent the entire glorious day in Muizenberg.

It was a gorgeous day, perfect for my out-of-office mission: interview and take photos of the Muizenberg community for subsequent journalistic scribbling (see: furious typing) by me for our the travel blog that I write for.

The lovely drummer joined me midday and we, hand in hand, explored the nooks, streets and surf shops that make up the Muysenberg area. We ate a perfectly vegan meal at Closer and then ascended the steps of the Natale Labia Museum.


What a beautiful building! There are a few rooms set up as a museum displaying the most decadent writing desks, ornate vases and luxurious chandeliers, and then there is a perfectly gorgeous dining area where you can have lunch or even a dinner and piano concert (note to lovely drummer boy: i *want*) and then upstairs is my favourite area. It's an art gallery with the most calming open spaces and stunning views.

I felt like royalty as we stood on the top floor balcony, looking out over Muizenberg beach and had to fight the urge to stick my nose in the air, look down on the 'commoners' below and wave very slowly with just a turn of my wrist.

I wish I could have a room like this one in my house one day - so clean and clear of junk and stuff and things - just a room.

Afterwards the lovely drummer and I got a dvd out, I let him choose and regretted it - he loves cheesy, B-Grade Sci-Fi - note to you lovely readers: Do *not*, I repeat, do *not* watch Mutant Chronicles. Ever

Ps Tonight a few friends are having a dinner at the lovely Se's place. We're each supposed to bring some veggie snacks to share. Help! Any Idea?

Also, I'm feeling really happy today so I hope you all have the most wonderful day! Smiles, smiles, smiles

Monday, August 23, 2010

The Weekend That Was

This past weekend was already full by last Wednesday, needless to say I needed a long nap yesterday to recover. This weekend I...

+ Got Friday afternoon off
+ Worked the whole of Saturday
+ Saw The A-Team late-night movie with lovely drummer
+ Celebrated a friend's 25 (or was it 26) Birthday
+ Had a perfectly giggly-girly night with the lovely Se and wonderful Meh
+ Had delicious Tomato & Coriander soup made by the lovely Se
+ Watch the two Sister Towers being destroyed
+ Drank some red wine and (surprisingly) enjoyed it
+ Remembered how much I love the movie Barbarella
Picture from here.
What was your weekend like?

PS i really *want* some of the original Barbarella comics, see some here

Hot Bombshell Scarlett

Wowzee! Scarlett J looks absolutely stunning in this Dolce & Gabbana ad!

This isn't the first time she's teamed up with this brand looking her absolute best. See some more gorgeous pics here from the previous campaign.

What do you think of Ms. Scarlett? 

Thursday, August 19, 2010

My Friend Tom

I recently received an invite on Facebook to a viewing of my friend Tom's work.

I am so impressed by his work. I remember always thinking at school that he was super talented, and now I see that he's continuing to grow as an artist, which is so exciting to see.

I love the way he uses mixed mediums to create a very real and vibrant effect. I'd love to see other landscapes though, the beach scenes are beautiful but I'd love to see him experiment with other colours. 

Perhaps one day I'll be attending the launch of his work at some uppercrust art gallery where the drinks come for free and the snacks are things I can't even pronounce.

I sure hope so.

To see some more of his work (to be updated soon, he's told me) go here.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Warm and Snug Things

So I know Summer is supposed to be on it's way and all that but it's raining in Cape Town!

So, while I'm sitting at the pc, freezing my keyboard-loving fingers off I'm daydreaming about the snuggest and coolest winter warmers.

This is a poofy yellow jacket I *want*

Also I love these three winter looks...and last, but probably most wanted are these kitten mittens!

Sigh, I wish I'd gone winter shopping before Summer was poking it's nose around the corner...

What do you wish you'd bought this winter?

Monday, August 16, 2010

Seraphine and Genova

Last night the Marja and I decided to get two dvds out and just veg on the couch. We decided on Martin Provost's Seraphine and Michael Winterbottom's Summer in Genova

"Seraphine" is a beautiful portrayal of the artist's life as apoverty-stricken cleaner. The film depicts her unmoving passion for the outdoors, nature, her religion and paining. A truly remarkable woman. She was such an interesting character who saw the world in ways we can only imagine.

Yolande Moreau played the artist with such a poignant understanding of the character making you misunderstand and love her all at once.

The stories follows her on her journey from hardworking cleaner to wellpaid artist and downwards into her darker personality where she looses her grip on reality a little. If you haven't heard of this artist, her work is really quite intriuging and it's worth a Google.

"Summer in Genova" really touched me. I couldn't help but see some parts of myself in both of the two sisters. This film is about a family in shock. A tragedy sparks a move from America to Italy and the exploration of each remaining family member's acceptance of what has happened.

Set in Genova, the locations are enough to make anyone pack up their bags and fly off to sexy, sultry Italia.

The emotions of the charcter sin this film are so raw and real that you're left feeling a bit shocked from some of the scenes, and there are some scenes where the tension is just too much for your little heart to bear.

I also think Willa Holland, who plays Kelly, the oldest daughter is absolutely beautiful. 

I recommend both these films.

The Weekend That Was

Every week i think "Oh it would be wonderful to have nothing to do this weekend" and then, as always, once I'm in my weekend I want to cram as much fun stuff in it as possible. So, after another busy one, this weekend I...

+ Played poker with 13 other people and came first
+ Had a bad, bad dream
+ Went to an organic market
+ Met some friends at the beach
+ Watched Inception
+ Went on a four hour hike in Kalk Bay
+ Napped for two hours with the lovely drummer boy
+ Wished I could just get away

What was your weekend like?

Photo from here.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Sister Secrets

Last night I spent a large portion of my evening helping my little sister (who's 11) with her homework. It was pretty simple stuff so we took our time going through her spelling, english and maths over a period of about 4 hours (she's easily distracted, kinda like me).

We took a break from the homework for a bit and chatted. She told me about her friends at school and her pets (we don't live together).

Then she started telling me about YoVille (spelling?) which is apparently a Facebook app targeted towards young kids (I thought there was an age restriction on FB?). It's like a virtual world where you have an avatar walking around, buying clothes, eating food, having parties, and you can chat to other people online.

My dear little sis told me about these parties that YoVille people have nowadays - trading parties, fun parties, lezbo parti....um, what!?

Yes readers my 11 year old sister went to a virtual lezbo party. Now considering that it's mostly other young kids in this virtual world (at least I hope it is) it wasn't the crazy, skin-bearing, raucous event you're thinking it was, I gathered that much from her explanation. But if she didn't know what a "lezbo" was beforehand I can assure you (oh, yes indeedy I can) she does now.

I couldn't help but chuckle when she said she then tried to go to a Gay party. She said that even though she gave herself the shortest cropped hairstyle they "threw me out because I only have girl's clothes".


I'm not writing this in disgusted protest at the fact that a child's programme is allowing gay and "lezbo" parties for these kids, my sister is quite grown up enough to know things I would NEVER have known when I was 11. I just thought it was quite a funny story - the things that go on inside an 11 year old's head (I mean c'mon - virtually "cropping" your hair to try sneak into a gay party, that's quite hilarious when you think about her age)

So, things I learnt about my sister lastnight:

1. She procrastinates *justlikeme
2. She likes microwaved mini potatoes with Steers chip salt
3. Today she's moving from writing in pencil to pen at school *CongratsLittleOne
4. Even though we fight (alot) I absolutely-without-a-doubt love her
5. She loves anime

The lovely drawing is from here

i just love this dress

Found this dress on a post here.

I *love* it and *want* it and *need* it.

Somebody please let the lovely drummer know.

Thank You.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The Weekend That Was

This one was pretty busy again, this weekend I...

+ Went for lunch with the girls and the lovely drummer (summer's on its way I can feel it!)
+ Realised how good it is to be a good friend when three of us accompanied the fourth to the airport even though she was only going for the weekend
+ Played poker with 5 boys, astonished not only them but myself when I came 2nd, and won some money
+ Had a horrendous headache from five hours of poker
+ Ambled around the mall with the Marja on Saturday morning [i love spending time with her]
+ Saw Billy Talent
+ Peed in the bushes
+ Thought it was Mother's Day and not Women's Day so bought the Marja a present [She was happy]
+ Walked to the Pier in Kalk Bay and watched the seals frolic and roll and be playful
+ Celebrated a friend's birthday at the Brass Bell
+ Had a *tiny* meltdown and cried *LOTS*
+ Felt much better

What did you do this weekend?

Thursday, August 5, 2010

I had no idea...

This morning, while going through my early-in-the-day routine of getting dressed, eating breakfast, wishing I could sleep for just five more minutes I caught a snippet of the news on one of our lovely country's SABC channels.

The camera showed a group of about fifty people gathered at the Nelson Mandela Capture Site. I was like *blink blink*.

Up until today I had no idea there even existed such a place and according to google there's even a monument set up at the site. Sorry, what?

I know it's probably not the biggest deal in the world but it made me think about and realise the fact that I know very little about my country, it's true history and the rustic, intimate, old school, new school monuments around our land. And now suddenly I have this incessant and inexplicable desire to go and see this Capture site.

I haven't the foggiest idea why...Patriotism maybe? Never thought I had it in me.

Don't get me wrong, I love my country and know and respect that we have a colourful, temperamental and touchy past, but I think until quite recently my patriotism was reserved not really for my forefathers (and mothers and aunts and uncles and sisters and, well you get the picture), but rather for my age group, my generation. Now I'm realising in my own way and on my own terms that my history, our history, is not only interesting and important. It's imperative for our healing.

Just a random thought meander I thought I might share with you.

Happy Thursday everyone!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Ricky Lee Gordon/Xanele Van Rensburg

I really like this guy's style.

I especially like the pigeon wearing a crown piece he put up in Cape Town (I know I saw it while driving along but can't remember where exactly...)

I like the way he uses the spaces inbetween and amongst buildings where people live, work, play. It brings the art into the real world and doesn't hide it behind the walls of intimidating (for some!) art galleries.

Here is some more of his work on 10and5.com

This artwork is however NOT by Ricky Lee Gordon but rather by Xanele Van Rensburg who is also an amazingly talented local artist. See more of her work here. 

PS I'm also a big fan of 10and5.com, can you tell?

Who's your favourite artist?

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

The Weekend That Was

Golly. This weekend I...

+ Had *snobbish* milkshakes at Primi with two lovely ladies
+ Spent 8 hours helping set up the lovely drummer's band's CD Launch
+ Drank beer and tequila and realised that it's actually wine that makes me an irrational, scary blob, not all alcohol
+ Danced with my cousins
+ Kissed the lovely drummer, lots.
+ Started a (is it a train line? bongo line?) at Assembly, three times (a sarcastic thanks to the Pinelands boys...)
+ Got home at 7am from a night of the best party I've had in a long time
+ Was so proud of the lovely drummer and his amazing band ♥
+ Spent most of Sunday in bed nursing a hang...um, headache :)
+ Spent a few precious minutes nestled in the arms of the lovely drummer and felt like everything was going to be ok

What did you do this weekend?

OppiKoppi vs. Billy Talent

I just won two tickets to go to OppiKoppi through The Assembly. I should be so totally stoked but I'm not sure I can go! I wish they had told me this before I bought my Billy Talent ticket.

What *is* a girl to do?


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