Monday, August 16, 2010

Seraphine and Genova

Last night the Marja and I decided to get two dvds out and just veg on the couch. We decided on Martin Provost's Seraphine and Michael Winterbottom's Summer in Genova

"Seraphine" is a beautiful portrayal of the artist's life as apoverty-stricken cleaner. The film depicts her unmoving passion for the outdoors, nature, her religion and paining. A truly remarkable woman. She was such an interesting character who saw the world in ways we can only imagine.

Yolande Moreau played the artist with such a poignant understanding of the character making you misunderstand and love her all at once.

The stories follows her on her journey from hardworking cleaner to wellpaid artist and downwards into her darker personality where she looses her grip on reality a little. If you haven't heard of this artist, her work is really quite intriuging and it's worth a Google.

"Summer in Genova" really touched me. I couldn't help but see some parts of myself in both of the two sisters. This film is about a family in shock. A tragedy sparks a move from America to Italy and the exploration of each remaining family member's acceptance of what has happened.

Set in Genova, the locations are enough to make anyone pack up their bags and fly off to sexy, sultry Italia.

The emotions of the charcter sin this film are so raw and real that you're left feeling a bit shocked from some of the scenes, and there are some scenes where the tension is just too much for your little heart to bear.

I also think Willa Holland, who plays Kelly, the oldest daughter is absolutely beautiful. 

I recommend both these films.

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