Wednesday, June 29, 2011

At the risk of seeming like a cat lady in the making...

I recently downloaded allt the (very bad quality) pics from my phone and realised that I've met some pretty cool animals in some interesting situations...

I thought I'd share them all with you:

First up are Guiness and Peroni, my uncle and aunt's "babies" -

They are polar opposites: Guiness is a soft and shy little guy who has the most adorable fringe while Peroni is super boisterous and loves jumping on laps.  Love them!

Next up is Hunter. Named after Hunter S Thompson this cat used to live in Obs. She was hit by a car twice and lost her tail but is still sweet and affectionate -

She used to come sleep right next to my computer at my old work.

We found this gorgeous specimen in the bathroom at the lovely drummer's house -

I found this white rabbit on the side of the road while walking from Cavendish to Kenilworth. I picked it up and then wsa like "um, now what?". Luckily it belongs to the public gardens there so I gave it back to the security guard - 

A seal at Kalk Bay Harbour -

This is Bacardi (I think that's his name). He's a beautiful tabby cat and he's the resident pet at The REd Herring in Noordhoek. He's a bit shy when it comes to pics, as you can see -

The unamed cat I often see in the window on my way to the train station - 

On a walk from Glencairn back home to Fish Hoek I saw this large mole digging on the side of the raod. I stopped tow atch him and he couldn't see me so let me get quite close. Look at those teeth - 

Bokaap alley cat -

Flightless Egyptian Goose at Solole Game Reserve. He got left behind which is sad but is super friendly which was sweet -

My boss' cat Cass who upon my arrival always like to spend a few minutes being scratched on my lap. She's gorgeous too; a stray turned luxury kitten - 

And these fishies are so cute. Look at their smiles -

Does this make me a cat lady in the making?

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The weekend that was

This weekend I…

+ Stayed in on Friday night.
+ Baked my first chocolate cupcakes from scratch (Happy Birthday @scottcooper_).
+ Went to Assembly to watch Ph Fat.
+ Got a free tequila.
+ Started helping the lovely drummer boy’s parents move into their new house.
+ Rewrote an entire article to please a client.
+ Danced.
+ Drank.
+ Loved.
+ Fought.
+ Made up.
+ Slept.
+ Went shopping with #Paisley & The Marja.

Phew. What did you do this weekend?

Ps. I just love these colourful photos, especially this brilliantly bright bird this zany meal and my word, these doors

Monday, June 20, 2011

The weekend that was

Image from here.

This weather is confusing. First it's warm and sunny and then the frostbite hits your toes and you can't feel any of your small apendages.

Hello Monday (again), this weekend I...

+ Stayed in on Friday night.
+ Watched a large amount of the series V.
+ Went to Two Minute Puzzle's video and EP launch (check out their new video here).
+ Saw Tommy Gun and Two Minute Puzzle's frontman, Patrick, juggling lemons.
+ Had lunch with the Popsicle (Happy Dad's Day all you dads).
+ Started reading Roald Dahl's Kiss Kiss (even though I haven't finished The Book Thief).
+ Stayed at The Shack 'til closing.
+ Had. A. Very. Weird. Dream.
+ Spent about two hours ambling around Newlands Forest with the lovely drummer boy.
+ Drank lots of tea.
+ Won R20 in a bet (Thanks Jeremy Loops).
+ Danced with the awesome Wal. 

What did you get up to this weekend?

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

I saw a mermaid

Image from here.

Last night I saw Splash for the first time ever and was struck by how sweet and simple the movie was.

As the Marja mentioned it was quite risque at the time but would probably be deemed a Walt Disney movie nowadays.

I've always been fascinated with mermaids whether it was the sparkly Ariel in The Little Mermaid or the vicious  sirens of ancient mythology. I think my first ever experience of the mysterious creature was in Disney's Peter Pan. I remember thinking they were beautiful

Image from here.

I used to spend hours in the pool pretending I had a scaled tail and was able to breath underwater. It was awesome.

The name "Mermaid" is a combination of mere, which means sea in Old English and maid, which is a woman.

Quite a number of people I've spoken to say they don't like the portrayal of the mermaids in the most recent Pirates of the Caribbean installation but I think it's fantastic. As much as I fell in love with the mythical creature because of Disney, historically they are not as good-hearted and gentle as the favourite children's story-teller has shown them to be.

Mermaids are meant to harsh creatures which lure seamen into the water with their enchanting voices. It's pretty bad-ass if you ask me.

What's your favourite mythical creature? 

Monday, June 13, 2011

The weekend that was

Hello lovelies! I hope you've all had a great start to your week? This weekend I...

+ Stayed at home on Friday night.
+ Watched three Xmen movies.
+ Was a model.
+ Slept in.
+ Ate delicious french toast made by the lovely drummer boy.
+ Went to Assembly and checked out Ashtray Electric.
+ Re-realised how small Cape Town is.
+ Had pizza. Twice.
+ Had a strange dream in which I had to save a hamster.
+ Started watching the second season of V.
+ Couldn't sleep.

How was your weekend? Get up to anything special?

A shoot with Vamp Clothing

Vamp Clothing Dinosaur Necklace, I've got one and am wearing it today!

So I've just joined a modelling agency and after having some portfolio shots taken the feedback has been so wonderful I feel blessed to have such great family, friends and tweeps in my life.

Photographer and 10and5 editor Alix-Rose approached me to do a shoot this weekend for Vamp Clothing and of course I was super keen - their stuff is amazing!

Beautiful Vamp Clothing Pink Dress
Photo by Paul Ward.

They sell offbeat indie pieces that are edgy, soft and sexy all in one.

We had lots of fun taking shots in random places and I completely loved trying on silky dresses, flowing skirts and "cray cray" necklaces (as Nicci would call them).

If you haven't checked out their stuff then hurry! You're missing out! You can see more Vamp Clothing on Etsy.

I feel so lucky to have been a part of this project and can't wait to show you all the pics. 

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Ashtray Electric CD Launch

On Saturday night the drummer boy and I headed to Assembly to check out Ashtray Electric's Measured in Falls album launch.

By the time we got there is was slowly filling up as Haasbroek spun some tunes in between the thickening crowd. The mood was expectant but also heavy as the desire to let loose took longer than normal to take hold (possibly because of the sobriety of things).

I was in the smoking section of the club when the band began to play and I was slightly bemused at the unceremonialness of it all. There was no announcement, just the first few chords plucking into the now slightly rambunctious crowd. It took a few seconds to even realise that something was happening.

The band played to a full dance floor. Their new songs are a lot grittier and harsher than any previous songs I can remember and people loved it. Of course they played a few "golden oldies" and it was not long before they announced their last song.

Afterwards G-Zis took to the stage. They definitely enjoyed their own set as they jumped around stage but more importantly so did the thrashing bodies on the floor. I skipped out on this part of the evening to go chill with DJ Sideshow who said she had been scheduled to play in the VIP section. What? What a waste of what is always a great set to move your body to. I also think it's kinda strange that at an album launch there would be a separate entertainment section set up.

Overall, though, we had a good night. Where you there? What did you think?

Image from here.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Lunch at Tribeca, Kalk Bay

The first time I went to Tribeca I had tea and a piece of chocolate cake. The tea was standard and the cake was so dry it was like shoveling desert into my mouth.

Needlesstosay I wasn't too keen on going back there but last week my pops and I were looking for somewhere to go for lunch in Kalk Bay and found ourselves sitting at the window seat at Tribeca.


Pop's mezz platter

I was blown away at how fresh and tasty their meals were. I had a smoky chicken sandwich while the popsicle opted for the goat's cheese and veg sandwich. Both were absolutely delicious. We enjoyed it so much that today we decided to go back. This time I ordered the Tribeca beef burger and pops got the mezze platter. We were well-impressed once again.

The Tribeca beef burger
The portions are generous and the food is flavoursome. I couldn't even finish my burger. The wedges were srumptious but I have a sneaky suspicion that the chef sprinkled them with Aromat which is great-tasting but not the healtiest seasoning option. 

If you're ever in Kalk Bay and are looking for somewhere to eat then I totally recommend Tribeca.


Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Things I like

Isn't this bathing suit just too gorgeous? I love the elegant style that women had in the 40s, 50s and 60s and this suit reminds me of it.

Very dearly wants. 

I also like these. Very much.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

The weekend that was

Hope you’re all ready for another Monday! This weekend I…

+ Watched Kiki’s Flying Delivery Service.
+ Ate some of the best Chinese takeaways I’ve ever had.
+ Had dinner with the lovely Se, wonderful Meh and awesome Wal.
+ Realised that I eat too much toast and need to find a better (healthier) snack option.
+ Tried Simonsvlei’s Sauvignon Blanc and really liked it.
+ Went dancing with the awesome Wal.
+ Probably had too much wine.
+ Got to try some of awesome Wal and the lead singer’s cake (yum).
+ Bought a pair of high-waisted jeans and turned them into shorts.
+ Had a date night with the lovely drummer boy.
+ Went to Assembly for the aKing gig and much preferred DJ Sideshow.

What did you do this weekend?

Oh, and today, screw the rest of the world and kiss someone passionately in public. Image from here.

5 Gum Experience: Krushed and Sorted & Etienne de Crecy

Last weekend the lovely drummer boy won tickets to the 5 Gum Experience party happening at the Waterfront. I had no clue who Etienne de Crecy was but was intrigued about the idea of him performing from the centre of a lit up cube.

The whole event totally blew me away. It was well-organised with an open tab at the bar for everyone, free strips of the five flavours of wrigleys gum, light installations decorating a corner of the area and an air of expectance.

First up was Krushed and Sorted with Mr Sakitumi joining their team for the evening. Their set drew the crowd in with a clever mashup of old footage and audio mixed together with some crazy beats. Everybody loved it. I’m a firm fan of Mr Sakitumi; I love his onstage energy and he didn’t disappoint.

Then, after a short waiting period, the cube was revealed with de Crecy at the very heart of it. The combination of pulsing beats with fantastical lighting created an incredible show. I got some photos of the cube in all it's techno-glory; they're not the best quality but you get the idea.

A fluid light display that reacts to movement of shadow. Epic winning.

You aint nothin' but a hound dog.

"Let's make rock 'n roll!"

The cube.

Very Tron-esque.


Double vision.
Green means go!

What an amazing experience! 
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