Monday, June 20, 2011

The weekend that was

Image from here.

This weather is confusing. First it's warm and sunny and then the frostbite hits your toes and you can't feel any of your small apendages.

Hello Monday (again), this weekend I...

+ Stayed in on Friday night.
+ Watched a large amount of the series V.
+ Went to Two Minute Puzzle's video and EP launch (check out their new video here).
+ Saw Tommy Gun and Two Minute Puzzle's frontman, Patrick, juggling lemons.
+ Had lunch with the Popsicle (Happy Dad's Day all you dads).
+ Started reading Roald Dahl's Kiss Kiss (even though I haven't finished The Book Thief).
+ Stayed at The Shack 'til closing.
+ Had. A. Very. Weird. Dream.
+ Spent about two hours ambling around Newlands Forest with the lovely drummer boy.
+ Drank lots of tea.
+ Won R20 in a bet (Thanks Jeremy Loops).
+ Danced with the awesome Wal. 

What did you get up to this weekend?
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