Monday, February 28, 2011

clothes on another girl's body

Image from here.

so i really loves clothes, and i especially love scouring thrift stores for awesome once-in-a-lifetime pieces.

i also tend to watch people and occasionally admire their fashion sense. i'll sometimes be out or at a concert or an event and look at what everyone's wearing and then allow myself to pick one item from every person to have (Even though i know i'm not really goin to have it) and it's kinda fun.

i love the outfits that these girls are wearing.


 Image from here.

Image from here.

the weekend that was

I had such a busy weekend; there were so many things to do in Cape Town!

This weekend i…

+ Danced on a table and sang Black Eyed Peas songs into the neck of a bottle of wine.
+ Went to Mercury for the Sailor Jerry party.
+ Decided Sailor Jerry and coke is too sweet.
+ Lazed in bed.
+ Ambled around the Design Indaba with the lovely Se, wonderful Meh and visiting Kiz.
+ Had a Cosmo at Sky Bar to celebrate my CocoChanello friend Nat.
+ Went to the most 60s house for snacks and it wasn’t trying to be 60s, it just was 60s.
+ Watched some cricket.
+ Ate some springrolls at Leaf and ordered a Virgin Mary (yum).
+ Hung out at Ground Zero while the boys played poker.
+ Found out some sad news. Am thinking about you friend.
+ Wore my new dress and felt like a lady

What did you do this weekend

Ps, could someone please come over to my house and make me some pancakes for breakfast?

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Thursday, February 24, 2011

River Dance

last night i got to see the river dance show at the Grand Arena, Grand West Casino and wow was it awesome!

My grandparents and dad are Irish and when i was little i used to sit in front of the television and watch their old VHS of Michael Flatley and the rest of the performers tap their hearts out. i always marvelled at how pretty all the dancers were and how daintily they moved (i was and probably always will be a bit of a klutz). i would daydream about being onstage and flipping my hair up like they did.

it was so incredible to see the dancers live and even though i was quite high up i was still mesmerised by the unison and power of the thing that was a bit of a disappointment was that there was no running theme or story-line, the skits seemed a bit disjointed.

but we got to see Irish dancing, an excellent violinist, singing, a bagpipe player and even some good old traditional jazz tap.

i would recommend anyone go see the show! it was phenomenal!

image from here.

Monday, February 21, 2011

the weekend that was

Hey lovelies! I hope you’re all having a fabulous Monday? I am indeedy. This weekend was a very chilled one with a few wonderful highlights, this weekend I …

+ went to the Baxter Theatre Taste, Tweet and Theatre event
+ met a few Tweeters in person who are lovely
+ tried (and enjoyed) the pinotage from Diemersfontein, and I don’t usually drink red wine
+ read comics in bed
+ celebrated my gran’s 70th with her and all her friends with a mouth0wateringly good spit-braai (sorry little lamb)
+ went to Sirocco in Kalk Bay and tasted the most delicious mojito I’ve ever had
+ had four visitors (two from Joburg, two from south korea) staying at my house
+ chilled with some friends at Banana Jam
+ listened to the interview with U2

What did you do this weekend? 

Also, how cool are these stairs?My favourite ones are the first ones that criss-cross and the ones in the libraries.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

a sunday afternoon cocktail

my uncle and aunt have a friend down from England so my mom spent the day with them at Cape Point today. on their way back home they decided to go to Sirocco in Kalk Bay for a quick cocktail so picked me up on their way (lucky me).

If you like mojitos then i suggest you make your way to Sirocco; man, oh man it was good! so tangy and pepperminty!it has to be one of the best-tasting mojitos i've ever tried.

i had a plain croissant to go with it and wasn't impressed, to me croissants are supposed to be light and flaky but this one was quite heavy and dense. but someone at our table ordered a piece of carrot cake and it was lovely; all caramelised and natural-tasting.

hope you've had a wonderful Sunday!
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Saturday, February 19, 2011

the BaxterTTT

Last night was lovely. I was invited to attend the second Baxter Theatre "Taste, Tweet and Theatre" event and took along the lovely drummer boy. I wasn't too sure what to expect and it turned out to be an awesome evening.

Diemersfontein made sure that everyone's glass was full with tangy whites and full-bodied reds. I don't often drink red wine but simply fell in love with the Pinotage - you have to try it. We were also treated to some scrumptious morsels of canapes, what a perfect way to spend a Friday evening!

I also think a visit to the wine estate's "Pinotage on Tap" is in order. It's happening sometime around October and if you enjoy live music, wine and the outdoors then I'll see you there.

It was really cool to meet some of the Tweeps in person too. I often wonder what my Twitter friends are like in person and was a little nervous about actually meeting them but everyone I met was friendly, fun and full of interesting stories.

I'm quite a shy person when I don't know people so it was quite intimidating for me to just go up to complete strangers and start up a conversation but last night made me realise that most people are naturally warm and inviting, and once the wine started to warm the insides it felt like some of us had known one another for much longer than half an hour.

We were then ushered into the theatre space to watch the show. Wow, I was completely blown away. Neo Muynga's "Memory of How it Feels" has been described as "inspired by the traditional Zulu practice of exchanging beads encoded with secret messages between lovers". The play's central theme is love, but it's message extends all boundaries. The amalgamation of visceral movement, the musicianship of the piano-, cello- and violin-players and the passionate story-telling was more than a glimpse into the intimate moments of people who love; it was an invitation into the very essence of those moments.

I love the theatre and it's because of shows like this one. The female performer, Chuma Sopotela, for me was phenomenal. Her potency flows outwards through her muscles and her vocal chords and she demands your attention when onstage in a way that endears you to her.

You should definitely go see it if you get the chance!

Happy Saturday lovelies.

Image from here. (I can't believe I did not take one photo lastnight!)

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The Baxter Theatre's Taste, Tweet and Theatre Event (number 2)

Ooh I'm excited, I've been invited to the Baxter's second Taste, Tweet and Theatre evening.

I get to take a partner with me (oh, how lucky you are lovely drummer boy) and enjoy a cultured evening tasting wine, snacking on canapes and watching a show at the theatre!

I can't wait! It's this Friday, so at least I won't be stuck at home while the Marja goes to the U2 concert.

Happy Monday everyone!

Oh, and how beautiful is this theatre? I found it here.

Monday, February 14, 2011

This weekend I

Wow it’s been long since I last wrote. So sorry about that lovelies, I am a working class girl and sometimes I don’t even have the time to read my book!

Anyways, this weekend I…

+ ate carrot and courgette curry at the lovely Meh’s
+ went dancing with my girl-friends
+ swam on my own in a big blue pool
+ lazed in bed with the lovely drummer boy reading comics
+ saw Burlesque with my Marja and decided I wanna take up dancing
+ went to watch Dream, Brother at the Intimate Theatre (it was good)
+ ate chilli poppers at Neighbourhood in Long Street
+ went home before 12 on Friday night
+ drank some white wine
+ was hit on by a drunk dubstep boy

What did you do this weekend?

ps, i love this image, it's just so carefree, i also love the other photos on Amanda's blog 

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

do i make the cut?

so i've been wanting to cut my (very long) hair for a while now but just haven't had the guts to go out and just do it, but now i've found the perfect reason to:

i'm playing with the idea of donating my more than 30cm-long ponytail to cancer patients.

last year i had two family friends pass away and two family members suffer from some form of cancer. it was hard, and made me realise that you really never know when something so serious and heart-wrenching will hit home.

the CANSA organisation welcomes donations of hair under these conditions:
+ it must be 22cm or longer
+ it must be dry
+ it must be tied with an elastic band
+ it must be sent in a sealed jiffy bag

i'm quite set on donating my hair but haven't spoken to a hair dresser yet so will let you all know how it goes.

oh, and happy Tuesday lovelies.
photo from here.
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