Sunday, February 20, 2011

a sunday afternoon cocktail

my uncle and aunt have a friend down from England so my mom spent the day with them at Cape Point today. on their way back home they decided to go to Sirocco in Kalk Bay for a quick cocktail so picked me up on their way (lucky me).

If you like mojitos then i suggest you make your way to Sirocco; man, oh man it was good! so tangy and pepperminty!it has to be one of the best-tasting mojitos i've ever tried.

i had a plain croissant to go with it and wasn't impressed, to me croissants are supposed to be light and flaky but this one was quite heavy and dense. but someone at our table ordered a piece of carrot cake and it was lovely; all caramelised and natural-tasting.

hope you've had a wonderful Sunday!
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