Monday, February 14, 2011

This weekend I

Wow it’s been long since I last wrote. So sorry about that lovelies, I am a working class girl and sometimes I don’t even have the time to read my book!

Anyways, this weekend I…

+ ate carrot and courgette curry at the lovely Meh’s
+ went dancing with my girl-friends
+ swam on my own in a big blue pool
+ lazed in bed with the lovely drummer boy reading comics
+ saw Burlesque with my Marja and decided I wanna take up dancing
+ went to watch Dream, Brother at the Intimate Theatre (it was good)
+ ate chilli poppers at Neighbourhood in Long Street
+ went home before 12 on Friday night
+ drank some white wine
+ was hit on by a drunk dubstep boy

What did you do this weekend?

ps, i love this image, it's just so carefree, i also love the other photos on Amanda's blog 

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