Saturday, February 19, 2011

the BaxterTTT

Last night was lovely. I was invited to attend the second Baxter Theatre "Taste, Tweet and Theatre" event and took along the lovely drummer boy. I wasn't too sure what to expect and it turned out to be an awesome evening.

Diemersfontein made sure that everyone's glass was full with tangy whites and full-bodied reds. I don't often drink red wine but simply fell in love with the Pinotage - you have to try it. We were also treated to some scrumptious morsels of canapes, what a perfect way to spend a Friday evening!

I also think a visit to the wine estate's "Pinotage on Tap" is in order. It's happening sometime around October and if you enjoy live music, wine and the outdoors then I'll see you there.

It was really cool to meet some of the Tweeps in person too. I often wonder what my Twitter friends are like in person and was a little nervous about actually meeting them but everyone I met was friendly, fun and full of interesting stories.

I'm quite a shy person when I don't know people so it was quite intimidating for me to just go up to complete strangers and start up a conversation but last night made me realise that most people are naturally warm and inviting, and once the wine started to warm the insides it felt like some of us had known one another for much longer than half an hour.

We were then ushered into the theatre space to watch the show. Wow, I was completely blown away. Neo Muynga's "Memory of How it Feels" has been described as "inspired by the traditional Zulu practice of exchanging beads encoded with secret messages between lovers". The play's central theme is love, but it's message extends all boundaries. The amalgamation of visceral movement, the musicianship of the piano-, cello- and violin-players and the passionate story-telling was more than a glimpse into the intimate moments of people who love; it was an invitation into the very essence of those moments.

I love the theatre and it's because of shows like this one. The female performer, Chuma Sopotela, for me was phenomenal. Her potency flows outwards through her muscles and her vocal chords and she demands your attention when onstage in a way that endears you to her.

You should definitely go see it if you get the chance!

Happy Saturday lovelies.

Image from here. (I can't believe I did not take one photo lastnight!)

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