Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Watching Torres

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Lastnight the lovely drummer decided we should make veg lasagne. I wanted chili poppers but the lovely drummer got his way. After we spent hours in the kitchen and it was cooked to perfection we watched the Spain VS. Portugal game and I was taught the offside rule - it's not that amazing.

Fernando Torres is my favourite player to watch (*smiles) (oh, and Villa) and I'm happy that Spain won. I always feel bad for the losing team.

We watched a documentary on water around the world and it made me feel sad. And worried, I don't know what I'm putting into my body anymore, and I don't believe all the opinions either.

I realised that the kitchen isn't as scary as I've always believed it to be.

Oh, and the lasagne was amazing. It really was.

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I dreamt lastnight that my teeth were falling out. One of them came out whole while the others began to crumble.

In my dream I felt so helpless and scared. I've had this dream at least two times before so decided to look up the meaning of dreams.

When your teeth fall out in your dreams it's because you are anxious about the way you look or the way others see you. It may also mean that you feel in your life a sense of powerlessness. Yeah I guess I can see that, but don't we all at some point feel that?

I really don't want my teeth to fall out and of all my dreams this one is the second worst - I always feel so undecided when I wake up, like I know it was a dream but I'm also not so sure.

What are your recurring dreams?

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Things I'm Craving

I really want to make some chili peppers. Like really.

The Weekend That Was

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Wowee, what a busy, rollercoaster ride of a weekend.

Friday I visited the Grand Parade Fan Park in Town to visit the City's Environmental Program Expo and wow what a structure they've managed to create! Then after having a necessary nap I put my little white heels on to head off into the night with my girly friends for a Deco Dance extravaganza! I love that this quirky and decadently decorated place plays the good old stuff, taking us on a tour through the 60s, 70s, 80s and landing us, shoes flung from our feet in the cheesy 90s!

Saturday night saw (who actually sees these things? is someone watching us all?) my friend and I braving the moody and relentless wind to explore Longstreet. We hopped (or shall I say struggled against the torrents) from Neighbourhood to an unbelievably packed Julep and ending up at Cape to Cuba where I hesitantly tasted my first ever chilli popper (I'm a slow mover ok!). Needless to say, despite the fact that I almost choked, my eyes were watering and I had to go to the bathroom to wipe away the incessant tears (apparently only CapeToCuba leave the seeds in) I'm a dedicated fan to poppers (Yum). Then we headed on down to Assembly to watch the boyfriend bash his drums onstage.

Sunday, after dropping off mom at the airport (bon voyage) so she can jet set off to Grahamstown for the fest, lovely drummer boy and I went home and crashed at his for some desperately needed nap time. Upon awakening we were treated to an amazing Sunday lunch that let us too full for words let alone dessert.

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I've learnt that I love waking up next to lovely drummer boy, and coming home with him to an empty flat for the next three days. Luckily I had Monday off ♥

Friday, June 25, 2010

Fingers & Toes

Last night I decided to get out my box of various nail varnishes and decorate my toes and fingers.

I don't know why I don't do this more often, I always feel like when my nails are painted some bright and gaudy colour that it's like having shiny, new treats at the ends of my fingers and toes.

I especially prefer painted nails to be cut short so they look like neat little squares all in a row.

Here's to enjoying pretty girly things!
Have a Happy Friday

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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Book Launch

Eclectic Kalk Bay Books
Last night my mother, my aunt, a friend and I went to a book launch in Kalk Bay.

Kalk Bay Books often have these launches and this time it was in the form of an interview with Lewis Gordon Pugh. I felt so cultural standing in the store, with my free glass of (white) wine in hand, waiting impatiently for things to get going.

Lewis' new book "Acheiving the Impossible"
Lewis is an amazing person. He is a cold water swimmer and recently swam 1km in a glacial lake on Mount Everest! It was a lovely evening, listening to this inspiring man talk about his life and adventures with humility and jest.

I enjoyed it grandiously!

You can read my full article on the evening here

Sad Chickens

It's funny that I decided to do a post on the chickens today. We just found out that one of the boys, Dillon, is missing and has presumably been attacked and killed by a cat.

Dillon was really such a sweet-natured chicken and managed to creep so deeply into my heart that when I heard he was missing I immediately started sobbing miserably despite being at work.

Little guy, you're a legend.

I'm going to miss you.

Thank you for being so sweet.

Photo by me


Too-cool-for-school Rex
A good while ago, my amazing boyfriend, the lovely drummer, stopped on the side of the road when he saw a tiny, baby chicken. He (the little chick) was on the road, trying to get onto the pavement but was so small he couldn't reach!

The sweet-natured, soft-hearted guy that the lovely drummer is he picked the little guy up and started looking for the mother hen. What he found though was another baby chick.

Drummer boy, now with two furiously cheeping babies, after not being able to find their mommy hen, took the two little chirpers home, and a couple months down the line they turned into two of the most beautiful cocks I've ever seen.

Quirky Dillon
We loved spending time with "Rex" and "Dillon". We would have our morning tea and toast in the garden while the chickens would constantly peck the lush green grass for tiny, squirmy morsels (I didn't find them appealing at all!) and they had such different personalities it was incredible. Rex was more of a showoff and always stood proud, whereas Dillon was slightly more modest, but could crow loudly and was (to me anyways) more affectionate.

Sadly, being the bravado cocks that they were inevitably going to be, Rex and Dillon got to be slightly too boisterous and frustrated not having any hot chicks to hang out with. So, after everyone in the house had said their sad but fondest farewells, drummer boy and I drove them to Imhoff's Gift where we left the two boys in the caring hands of the farmyard there.

We've been back twice to check up on the kids, and needless to say they've feathered their way into the hearts of the chefs, waitresses and owners of one of the local restaurants, much preferring the company of people (and the possibility of an extra nibble or two) than the other cocks and hens on the property.

The boys chilling at Imhoff's Gift
I miss them lots, especially cuddles from Dillon and Rex's I'm-too-cool-for-school-but-actually-I'm-a-big-baby-and-love-you-guys attitude. I still love the way that when the chickens see drummer boy they run up to him to say their hellos and follow him round everywhere.

Rex and Dillon ♥

Photos by Me

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Short Limbs Long Limbs

Allen's rule (the 1877 Joel Asaph Allen) says that endotherms (I had to look this up) from colder climates have shorter limbs than their equivalents from warmer climates.

Is that why Eskimos are so cute and short? (are they?)

And Jamaican people are super tall? (are they?)

Misuse of the question mark...?

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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Fitness Fumbles

Last night, instead of traipsing ourselves in the cold to the gym, my mom and I decided to clear a space in the lounge and put on the Fitness DVD she proudly got as a free sample with a magazine somewhere, sometime.

The video showed five or six scantily clad, toned and tanned woman doing their exercises with smiles on their faces and in unison.

We weren't quite so lucky.

I sat back and watched my mom in her little hot pants, socks and poloneck jersey and couldn't resist a chuckle.

Love you mom.

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Monday, June 21, 2010

Monday Raining

With drops kissing the ceiling above me I can hear the cold outside.

What better time to start this, an exploratory blog. Into what I love and who loves it too. Against the ocean of other voices, mixed into words with links and images with no history.

And also because I was inspired...because I like what you did and want to do something like it too, just not quite like you.

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