Thursday, June 24, 2010


Too-cool-for-school Rex
A good while ago, my amazing boyfriend, the lovely drummer, stopped on the side of the road when he saw a tiny, baby chicken. He (the little chick) was on the road, trying to get onto the pavement but was so small he couldn't reach!

The sweet-natured, soft-hearted guy that the lovely drummer is he picked the little guy up and started looking for the mother hen. What he found though was another baby chick.

Drummer boy, now with two furiously cheeping babies, after not being able to find their mommy hen, took the two little chirpers home, and a couple months down the line they turned into two of the most beautiful cocks I've ever seen.

Quirky Dillon
We loved spending time with "Rex" and "Dillon". We would have our morning tea and toast in the garden while the chickens would constantly peck the lush green grass for tiny, squirmy morsels (I didn't find them appealing at all!) and they had such different personalities it was incredible. Rex was more of a showoff and always stood proud, whereas Dillon was slightly more modest, but could crow loudly and was (to me anyways) more affectionate.

Sadly, being the bravado cocks that they were inevitably going to be, Rex and Dillon got to be slightly too boisterous and frustrated not having any hot chicks to hang out with. So, after everyone in the house had said their sad but fondest farewells, drummer boy and I drove them to Imhoff's Gift where we left the two boys in the caring hands of the farmyard there.

We've been back twice to check up on the kids, and needless to say they've feathered their way into the hearts of the chefs, waitresses and owners of one of the local restaurants, much preferring the company of people (and the possibility of an extra nibble or two) than the other cocks and hens on the property.

The boys chilling at Imhoff's Gift
I miss them lots, especially cuddles from Dillon and Rex's I'm-too-cool-for-school-but-actually-I'm-a-big-baby-and-love-you-guys attitude. I still love the way that when the chickens see drummer boy they run up to him to say their hellos and follow him round everywhere.

Rex and Dillon ♥

Photos by Me

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