Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The Weekend That Was

Photo from here.
Wowee, what a busy, rollercoaster ride of a weekend.

Friday I visited the Grand Parade Fan Park in Town to visit the City's Environmental Program Expo and wow what a structure they've managed to create! Then after having a necessary nap I put my little white heels on to head off into the night with my girly friends for a Deco Dance extravaganza! I love that this quirky and decadently decorated place plays the good old stuff, taking us on a tour through the 60s, 70s, 80s and landing us, shoes flung from our feet in the cheesy 90s!

Saturday night saw (who actually sees these things? is someone watching us all?) my friend and I braving the moody and relentless wind to explore Longstreet. We hopped (or shall I say struggled against the torrents) from Neighbourhood to an unbelievably packed Julep and ending up at Cape to Cuba where I hesitantly tasted my first ever chilli popper (I'm a slow mover ok!). Needless to say, despite the fact that I almost choked, my eyes were watering and I had to go to the bathroom to wipe away the incessant tears (apparently only CapeToCuba leave the seeds in) I'm a dedicated fan to poppers (Yum). Then we headed on down to Assembly to watch the boyfriend bash his drums onstage.

Sunday, after dropping off mom at the airport (bon voyage) so she can jet set off to Grahamstown for the fest, lovely drummer boy and I went home and crashed at his for some desperately needed nap time. Upon awakening we were treated to an amazing Sunday lunch that let us too full for words let alone dessert.

Photo from here.

I've learnt that I love waking up next to lovely drummer boy, and coming home with him to an empty flat for the next three days. Luckily I had Monday off ♥

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