Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Watching Torres

Photo from here.

Lastnight the lovely drummer decided we should make veg lasagne. I wanted chili poppers but the lovely drummer got his way. After we spent hours in the kitchen and it was cooked to perfection we watched the Spain VS. Portugal game and I was taught the offside rule - it's not that amazing.

Fernando Torres is my favourite player to watch (*smiles) (oh, and Villa) and I'm happy that Spain won. I always feel bad for the losing team.

We watched a documentary on water around the world and it made me feel sad. And worried, I don't know what I'm putting into my body anymore, and I don't believe all the opinions either.

I realised that the kitchen isn't as scary as I've always believed it to be.

Oh, and the lasagne was amazing. It really was.

Photo from here.

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