Monday, June 21, 2010

Monday Raining

With drops kissing the ceiling above me I can hear the cold outside.

What better time to start this, an exploratory blog. Into what I love and who loves it too. Against the ocean of other voices, mixed into words with links and images with no history.

And also because I was inspired...because I like what you did and want to do something like it too, just not quite like you.

Photo from here


Eugene said...

Who on earth is Elvis kissing?

-TheseDays- said...

It seems she was a cheeky fan.

Two minutes before going onstage she was (luckily)backstage with him and said "I'll bet you can't kiss me, Elvis so there" and he retorted "I'll betcha I can"...

The photographer happened to be passing by and took a chance :)

So there you go. Luckiest Girl Alive?

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