Thursday, August 12, 2010

Sister Secrets

Last night I spent a large portion of my evening helping my little sister (who's 11) with her homework. It was pretty simple stuff so we took our time going through her spelling, english and maths over a period of about 4 hours (she's easily distracted, kinda like me).

We took a break from the homework for a bit and chatted. She told me about her friends at school and her pets (we don't live together).

Then she started telling me about YoVille (spelling?) which is apparently a Facebook app targeted towards young kids (I thought there was an age restriction on FB?). It's like a virtual world where you have an avatar walking around, buying clothes, eating food, having parties, and you can chat to other people online.

My dear little sis told me about these parties that YoVille people have nowadays - trading parties, fun parties, lezbo, what!?

Yes readers my 11 year old sister went to a virtual lezbo party. Now considering that it's mostly other young kids in this virtual world (at least I hope it is) it wasn't the crazy, skin-bearing, raucous event you're thinking it was, I gathered that much from her explanation. But if she didn't know what a "lezbo" was beforehand I can assure you (oh, yes indeedy I can) she does now.

I couldn't help but chuckle when she said she then tried to go to a Gay party. She said that even though she gave herself the shortest cropped hairstyle they "threw me out because I only have girl's clothes".


I'm not writing this in disgusted protest at the fact that a child's programme is allowing gay and "lezbo" parties for these kids, my sister is quite grown up enough to know things I would NEVER have known when I was 11. I just thought it was quite a funny story - the things that go on inside an 11 year old's head (I mean c'mon - virtually "cropping" your hair to try sneak into a gay party, that's quite hilarious when you think about her age)

So, things I learnt about my sister lastnight:

1. She procrastinates *justlikeme
2. She likes microwaved mini potatoes with Steers chip salt
3. Today she's moving from writing in pencil to pen at school *CongratsLittleOne
4. Even though we fight (alot) I absolutely-without-a-doubt love her
5. She loves anime

The lovely drawing is from here

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