Monday, August 23, 2010

The Weekend That Was

This past weekend was already full by last Wednesday, needless to say I needed a long nap yesterday to recover. This weekend I...

+ Got Friday afternoon off
+ Worked the whole of Saturday
+ Saw The A-Team late-night movie with lovely drummer
+ Celebrated a friend's 25 (or was it 26) Birthday
+ Had a perfectly giggly-girly night with the lovely Se and wonderful Meh
+ Had delicious Tomato & Coriander soup made by the lovely Se
+ Watch the two Sister Towers being destroyed
+ Drank some red wine and (surprisingly) enjoyed it
+ Remembered how much I love the movie Barbarella
Picture from here.
What was your weekend like?

PS i really *want* some of the original Barbarella comics, see some here

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