Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The Weekend That Was

This one was pretty busy again, this weekend I...

+ Went for lunch with the girls and the lovely drummer (summer's on its way I can feel it!)
+ Realised how good it is to be a good friend when three of us accompanied the fourth to the airport even though she was only going for the weekend
+ Played poker with 5 boys, astonished not only them but myself when I came 2nd, and won some money
+ Had a horrendous headache from five hours of poker
+ Ambled around the mall with the Marja on Saturday morning [i love spending time with her]
+ Saw Billy Talent
+ Peed in the bushes
+ Thought it was Mother's Day and not Women's Day so bought the Marja a present [She was happy]
+ Walked to the Pier in Kalk Bay and watched the seals frolic and roll and be playful
+ Celebrated a friend's birthday at the Brass Bell
+ Had a *tiny* meltdown and cried *LOTS*
+ Felt much better

What did you do this weekend?


Bobby said...

Peed in bushes? Sounds like quite an eventful weekend ;)

-TheseDays- said...

Yes, it's true - twas a rather eventful weekend :)
But when a concert packed with about 3000-4000 people and there are *OnlyFourToiletsForTheLadies* a girl's gotta take action!

Have a lovely Thursday
:) xx

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