Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Ricky Lee Gordon/Xanele Van Rensburg

I really like this guy's style.

I especially like the pigeon wearing a crown piece he put up in Cape Town (I know I saw it while driving along but can't remember where exactly...)

I like the way he uses the spaces inbetween and amongst buildings where people live, work, play. It brings the art into the real world and doesn't hide it behind the walls of intimidating (for some!) art galleries.

Here is some more of his work on

This artwork is however NOT by Ricky Lee Gordon but rather by Xanele Van Rensburg who is also an amazingly talented local artist. See more of her work here. 

PS I'm also a big fan of, can you tell?

Who's your favourite artist?


Between 10and5 said...

This is actually by Cape Town artist Xanele van Rensburg. She designed the mural and her and a few helpers painted it. The building is a creche and is one of a few getting a makeover as part of the Painting Creches project. Read all about it here-

-TheseDays- said...

oh no, oops!

thanks so much for letting me know.
Xanele also has mad skills!

:) xx

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