Tuesday, April 5, 2011

One day without shoes

Yesterday it was One Day Without Shoes day so I left my shoes off and joined other caring people in an attempt to acknowledge and raise awareness about all the children in the world who aren't priveleged enough to even own shoes.

I mostly chilled at home but had to go to the shops at some point so barefooted it. I'm used to not wearing shoes because I'll often forget to put them on but it struct me yesterday that I'm so lucky to have that choice.

Also, I stood on a tiny piece of glass which was annoying and sore - imagine if you did that everyday? I can't imagine how my feet would feel!

Did you go without shoes yesterday?

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Sara said...

i did, and even though its something i do fairly often on holiday, at home or away from the city i was struck by a few things. Firstly- how much glass there is around! The streets are cleaned everyday by hardworking people- yet there are broken beer bottles and vandalised lights everywhere. Hard task... Secondly the subways under the train station are gross- this i've noticed before but it became far more apparent walking through it. How dirty are we? and why? None of us would leave old banana skins on the floor in our homes or break our own light fittings or smash beer bottles in our gardens- why cant we look after our communal property in the same way?

Lastly I agree with you- while it may be nice to go barefoot once in a while, its only really nice because for us it's a choice.

ps.rad blog x

-TheseJadeDays- said...

i know there's glass everywhere!

and i agree the subways are indeed gross and smelly. it's really sad.

thanks for the lovely comment,

:) xx

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