Monday, April 11, 2011

Hard drives, don't buy them from streetlight vendors

So I splurged out (even though I might not have a job soon - erk) and bought myself a 1 Terabyte portable drive. Woopah! I'm so amped cause I have so many photos on my PC that it was constantly asking me for help re: clearing space up. Sorry PC.

I got the Samsung one, it looks like this

Anyways I love it lots cause it's small in size, big on space and its shiny and it's gonna let me watch lots of movies and series (anyone keen to hand over the contents of their drives? anyone?)

But also. Don't buy externals from guys at traffic lights and on the side of the road. Two people have now mentioned to me that these drives are faulty, you can't even put stuff onto them. Just a heads up everyone.

Happy Monday.

Image from here.

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