Friday, April 15, 2011

Nerd Bunny Poofum: The Waller

So we've been making Poofums (felt toys) for almost a week and a half now and the response has been so good! People seem to really dig our toys.

At the moment we've got three orders waiting to be sized and priced (a pillow, a unicorn and a mutant-tortoise - don't ask) and we've got someone waiting for a bunny.

I'm so happily surprised at the feedback we're getting too. I'm especially proud of the latest Poofum bunny we made, the Waller.

He's a lumo-coloured bunny with nerd glasses as his accessory and he's so cute!Am really excited to be doing something super creative with my hands. Have been feeling so stifled of late and finally have a bit of an outlet.

Look out for a new range of felt toys, we're busy putting together ideas for our fruit range. Shout be "cool bananas" as one of my friends said.

In the meantime check out our Facebook page for all the other Poofums available.
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