Monday, November 15, 2010

The Weekend That Was

Hey there, how amazing has this weather been hey (I’m talking Cape Town here). I know, it’s been amazing, sucks I haven’t managed to make my way to the beach yet. Have you?

Anyways, this weekend I…

+ Stayed in on Friday night with the lovely Marja (twas lovely downtime)
+ Went to see Life As We Know It at the cinema (it's good)
+ Browsed Kalk Bay shops with my three deliciously crazy cousins
+ Caught the train into town on Saturday afternoon (it’s actually such a pleasant journey)
+ Chilled with wonderful Meh and lovely Wal at lovely Wal’s flat
+ Saw The Dirty Skirts play at Assembly
+ Watched as some strange characters tried to hit on my friends
+ Slept on the floor
+ Met the lovely drummer boy in town for a quick “hello” and ended up staying in the Sound Dungeons the whole night
+ Almost bought some “Boob Pasta”
+ Was on Nurofen the entire weekend (hurt my back again)
+ Missed the lovely Se who has gone away for almost three months!
+ Decided I'm going to start eating less meat (I do try already)

What did you do this weekend?

ps, i really love this cartoonist's style. I can't tell whether Clement Lefevre is a boy or girl, but wow is he/she talented! Check out his/her work here

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