Wednesday, November 10, 2010

losing you

Yesterday afternoon I found out that a family friend had passed away. She was a childhood friend of my wonderful Aunt M, and left behind her a grown son (married) and a young son (around 8 or 9).

She also left behind her some tears, much more laughter and some fun, crazy, wine-filled, gossipy memories that I don’t think my close family members will ever forget.

She had cancer, and while we all knew she wasn’t getting any better her positivity and determination to carry on belied the fact that she was dying.

IN the past few months of 2010 we (our family) have had one aunt diagnosed with stomach cancer (in remission), one friend diagnosed with breast cancer (deceased yesterday), one gran diagnosed with lung cancer (currently going through chemo), one friend diagnosed with pancreatic cancer (currently being treated), one family friend who passed away in his sleep and one uncle’s brother who died of a heart attack.

I know this post sounds like a depressing one but I promise you it’s not. All these people are loved and their memories will never fade and I just hope that everyone who is sick and those who are losing or have lost someone know that you’re not alone, and although it’s very painful, leaning on family and friends is the most important thing you can do.

Here’s to peace for the people no longer with us and to memories that make us smiles for those of us still making our way upstream.

Much love,
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