Wednesday, November 3, 2010

walk on the beach

Yesterday I got home and the house was empty. My mom had gone for a walk on the beach so I decided to join her. It’s the first time I’ve been on the beach in months which is ridiculous as I literally live 2 minutes away from it.

It was so therapeutic to listen to the waves crashing and have the sand between my toes. We always like to walk along the side of the beach where the dogs are allowed cause we love watching them gallop past, slobber trailing for miles behind them and their faces are just the epitome of happiness.

We met a 6month old Boerbull and she pee’d on my foot she was so excited. It was kinda gross but more cute, and I just washed it off in the sea.

Anyways, it was lovely. Think I should make a point of going for a walk along the beach more often.

Which is your favourite beach to visit?

Oh, and today for lunch I have a deliciously yum ham, cheese, tomato and mayo sandwich on white bread. I can’t wait to eat it with a cup of tea. Yay!

(It’s amazing the small things that can out you into a good mood)

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Claudz said...

Please go to the beach more, for those of us who foolishly moved to the city and can no longer go to the beach! :)

-TheseJadeDays- said...

Hey Claudz!

I promise you I'll try, although it's quite rainy here today so might give the beach a miss.

You should come to Cape Town for a miniholiday, I've heard they good for the soul ;)

Happy Thursday


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