Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The cat's last life

The lovely Wal and I went to meet with the photographer that we’re going to be shooting with (how exciting!) last night. We met up at Rafiki’s and chatted about ideas for outfits, locations and themes. It was really cool to try come up with interesting ideas for shoots. Sadly the night didn’t end too happily.

Afterwards we had to stop off at Wal’s work quickly and as we pulled up outside her building, just off Kloof Street, we spotted a black cat tentatively edging towards the busy road. I was worried he’d just dart across so was watching him and moved towards the traffic to see if I could try and slow a car down for the cat to cross when a homeless guy asked Wal and I for money. As we turned to him the cat shot across the road and was hit by a car. The sound was sickening and as I ran to him he was moving around crazily on the tar. A girl parked nearby shouted across that she’d take us to the nearest vet so I picked the cat up and got into her car and we drove to the medi-clinic. Sadly the cat died on the way, in my arms. I felt so helpless and angry that such an unnecessary thing had to happen.

I also experienced such compassion and unconditional caring from a few people.

To the guy who stopped his car and came over to me asking if everything was ok: the concern on your face, in voice and in the way that you were willing to stay with us was so wonderful and I am so grateful.

To the girl who dropped what she was doing to frantically drive the cat and I around trying to find a vet or clinic: Thank you, your selflessness was really appreciated, your bubbly positivity helped a lot and you truly seem to be a lovely person.

To the nurses on duty at the medi-clinic who allowed us to bring the cat into their ward checked him and, when we had discovered he had passed away called the 24 hour vet for us and wrapped the lil guy in a blanket: your readiness to help an injured animal when your job is to help people really made the ordeal much less scary and horrific. Thank you so much for calling the medi-clinic on our behalf and being so patient and caring with us.

To the two ladies on duty at the Cape Animal Medical Centre in Kenilworth: Thank you for taking him (at no cost) being so gentle with him and treating him with the respect he deserved.

You all are such wonderful people and Wal and I both appreciate your concern, help and care so much. The cat had a head trauma and we don’t think he suffered for too long – he was such a beauty and we were really sad to see him go like that.

To the hit and run. How could you not at least stop?

I was (and am) quite devastated from the whole experience and wish there was more I could’ve done.

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