Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Cheer up all

I know we all feel just like this mud-covered lion sometimes: sticky, tired and totally fed up.

But take a look outside, the sun is shining (if you're in Cape Town) and we're already half way into the week which means the weekend, she is a-coming!

Also, my Bucket List has gone up on the Fashionable BeingBrazen's blog. Meep, I'm so excited!! Go read about me, go, go, you can go, it's ok. Why are you still here...GO.

Oh, and  isn't he just adorably forlorn in this pic? (I have NO idea where it comes from Thanks to Claudz of Purple Lips and Perfect Smiles I now have an inkling of where this messy lion came from, here.)


Claudz said...

I saw a serious of photos of the "Black Lions of Madikwe" by Gerry van der Walt and Grant Marcus (his site is a bit annoying!)

Gerry's photo (and a cool little story) :

(not sure if your lion is related to these)

-TheseJadeDays- said...

oh my goodness! well-spotted! it is him :)

Thanks so much!!

:) xx

Storm. Kat Storm. said...

the mud covered lion makes me sad. :-( Poor lion. Oh well, I like to pretend that maybe being covered in mud makes him happy.

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