Monday, December 6, 2010

The Weekend That Was

Hello lovely readers! Hope you’re having a happy Monday so far – this week is my birthday week so I’m feeling quite perky. This weekend I…

+ Watched Scott Pilgrim vs. The World (it was tres cool).
+ Went to the Arcade at Century City and felt like a kid again.
+ Chilled on the Ground Zero couches watching movies with the boys while lovely drummer boy had band prac (Knotting Hill and Jarhead).
+ Went to Obs Fest on Friday night and drank some beers at Trench town.
+ Went to Obs on Saturday night and got rained on, only spent five minutes at a warm and cosy little pub before heading home to snuggle up under the warm covers.
+ Had dinner at Greens in Claremont – their beets, goats cheese and nut salad is honestly delicious!
+ Spent four hours pottering around on Saturday – my cousin organised for me to make my own platter for my birthday and EVERYONE should try it!
+ Was told by the lovely drummer that he had a surprise for me, I asked him if it was alive (he ALWAYS finds little animals), he said no and promptly handed over my two new baby dwarf hamsters for my birthday!! (They were very much so alive)
+ Went all the way out to the airport just to see the MASSIVE billboard which stars the lovely drummer boy (it’s a stimorol infinity ad).
+ Came home from the lovely drummer’s house to a full house (guests) and he and I had to sleep on the floor in the lounge (it reminded me of sleepovers).

What did you do this weekend?

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Claudz said...

What a lovely weekend! And welcome to the two new additions

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