Wednesday, December 15, 2010

i'm sick...and Paul Ward's pics from the Caves music video launch

I don't get sick very often so when I do I get very very very sick.

On Sunday I had a slight scratch in my throat and by Monday afternoon I was so woozy that while I was sitting upright in my chair at my desk, I felt like I was twisting and turning at 90degrees.

Blergh. Yesterday I stayed at home in bed and the lovely drummer boy came to my rescue - he came with me to the doctor (I'm petrified of docters, hospitals, dentists - I hate going on my own and always Always cry).

I have body flu so am on quarantine. I'm bored and achey and coughy and this sucks.

Wouldn't mind a bit of cheering up...anyone? please?


Also, here are some awesome pics by Paul Ward of The Plastics' music video launch of Caves at the Grand Daddy Hotel. Lovely! Can you spot me? 


FarmGirl said...

Hope you feel better soon!

-TheseJadeDays- said...

Thanks FarmGirl, still getting there...
Sucks to be sick on a public holiday :/

Happy Mini Holiday though!

:) xx

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