Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Small Space, No Waste

Ok, I'm the first person to want my space - i.e. when I'm in the lift and you get in the lift and you stand 2cm away from me even though you could be at least 5cm away I start to get tetchy.

But this is really good use of space and I think I could live here.
I like this dude's reading area, and the kitchen is really quite gorgeous. Even though I develop nervous twitches in tight squeezes (and even sometimes in not so tight squeezes), I think I could get used to living in this little burrow-apartment.
I also love the mosaic wall and sea-blue basin in the bathroom, it makes the whole room seem clean and fresh.

I found this brilliantly designed 182-square foot (square feet, only thought about this now but square feet?) here.


Matt Allison said...

Ooooooh! You would LOVE the old Ikea catalog from 2003 (yip, I collect them, a great source of inspiration for daily living). It was all on maximizing space and approaching living in cubic meters, not square, which is sooo conventional.

-TheseDays- said...

haha sounds great! when can i take a look ;)

i've hear about Ikea, sounds like the best place to shop when making your home.

one day...

:) xx

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