Monday, September 20, 2010

This Weekend That Was

This weekend the lovely drummer boy played a gig at Earthdance on Saturday night. We had a bit of a girl's night on Friday night as the boys only came up on the Saturday afternoon which was lovely. It was quite an interesting couple of days, this weekend I...

+ Put up a tent on my own (again)
+ Probably drank too much
+ Danced for hours and hours and hours
+ Lazed by the river
+ Tasted the best veggie samoosa's I've ever had
+ Drank delicious punch made by the wonderful Meh and lovely Se in my Sippicup
+ Realised how much I like having the lovely drummer with me
+ Held hands with a stranger
+ Heard some sad news (hope you're ok lil Max head)
+ Fell in love, again, and I liked it ♥

What did you do this weekend?

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