Wednesday, September 8, 2010


*yay* I was involved in helping the lovely drummer boy with his band's album launch campaign recently.

For me this was a real treat as I love being involved in creative projects where lots of cleverly creative people get together and be creative and drink lots of lovely, luscious wine <-Yum

The theme was "Shark" and after hours (and hours and hours and hours) spent cutting styrofoam, painting shark shapes and making sure all the little bits of delightful decor was in its place or on its home the end result was exactly that: Result!

The Assembly looked incredible and throughout the night of the launch I overheard people commenting on the jagged-tooth bite marks out of the records, and watched drunk young girls in belt-sized skirts posing with the cheesiest grins inside the photo-booth shark mouth, I also saw more than a couple of people walking around with a styrofoam shark under their arms merrily spilling their drinks on themselves.

Ah what a night. It felt so good to work so hard and then see the result being just super awesomeness! We really were a great Sharky team!

You can see the pics here on 10and5.

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