Thursday, September 30, 2010

UCT Vice Chancellor's Music Concert

I am sorry this post is so long and that the photos are so orange...

First of all let me start this post by saying, I am having a very, very bad day. It’s been bad enough to make me cry. But I will not allow myself to wallow in some murky pond of self-pity and batter-egos; I will, like a phoenix (without being all fiery and a mythological bird) will rise from this slump of unhappiness and tell you about my lovely and inspirational visit to the Baxter last night. Phew.

The Marja works at UCT and so was lucky enough to scrounge together some tickets to the annual Vice Chancellor’s Music Concert. For want of something better to do I agreed to join her and her two lady-friends (thankfully the one’s daughter came too so I had some young blood to hang out with).

Wow. I was totally blown away. The brass instruments, the larger-than-at-least-5-of-me organ, the conductors, flutes, trumpets. They all made me realise there is a whole other world that I’m completely oblivious to. The way these students and lecturers make music, respect music, devour music is incredible.

I sat there, transfixed as the various acts proffered the audience little and large bits of their souls and the souls of the dead composers coming back to life every time their pieces are played.

Most importantly is two things.

Number one, the Traditional African Music made me feel like I was truly a part of Africa. The beats and rhythm warmed my body and the vibrancy onstage endeared me to want to visit Africa. I want to see the tribes dancing and living in the dust. I want to hear their drums and chorused-voices in the jungle. I want to see and feel Africa as much as my having been born here makes me a part of it.

Number two, Cape Town, right now is a beautiful time to be. When the Vice Chancellor of UCT, Max Price, can get up onstage and play his saxophone (skillfully) for two glorious swing songs, you know that right here; right now it’s a wonderful time to be in Cape Town. There are so many things that are not great, granted, but I think we’re failing to see the beautiful things too often.

I love this country, and this city.

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