Wednesday, September 1, 2010

[hello lovely] September Resolutions

Hello September. Can I tell you a secret? You're supposed to be Spring! It's ok though, I also forget things sometimes.

And also, I love the rain. September and I are going to be good friends, I can just tell.

So another month has started and it's about this time that I realised that it's only four months (4, in case you hadn't grasped the smallness of that dear little even number) until December (Christmas, New Years, my birthday) and there are SO many things that I wanted to get done this year that I just plain haven't.

Seems even though we all know that time flies past at a super fast pace, we never learn to just get things done now! I'm an expert procrastinator, I'd love not to be but I am.

So my September resolution: I will procrastinate less and do the things I want to which are,

Find out about buying a sewing machine
Go for sewing lessons
Book lessons for my drivers (30 Sept eek!)
Draw more
Look into doing a design course
Write more, for me
Make the lovely drummer dinner (without his help *see: taking over completely)
Go back to the gym, and keep going regularly
Eat more vegetarian food (because I actually love it)

This stormy(ish) Cape Town weather doesn't do much for my wanting to be active as all I want to do right now is go home and curl up under the covers with a good book or even better Gossip Girl episodes...

Though I do love the thought of kissing the lovely drummer in spring showers

Any September resolutions you want to share?


The Chef-ette said...

That is just freaky - I was thinking this morning about some September resolutions!! Wow...great minds!

Mine are to finally make going to the gym a habit (not a chore that I keep delaying), to work on my business plan to start my own little business spend more time with my wonderful family :)

-TheseDays- said...

haha the gym seems a formidable foe for most of us ;)

good luck with your own business, that sounds exciting!

and spending time with family always makes me happy - i should add that to my sept resolution list too!

have a brilliant evening,

:) xx

sara said...

ok lovely, here's mine: commit to doing more things because i love them and not because i need them.

-TheseDays- said...

Sara I like that one ;) good luck with it!!

hope you have a lovely day :) xx

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