Thursday, September 23, 2010

Happy your and mine and everyone's Heritage Day

When I was a kid (and I’m not too far away from still being a kid in my heart) things were so cool. I believed I could talk to animals

My mom was a single parent so a lot of the time it was just me and her, going about business, taking on the world.

I was confident as a little girl, enough to walk up to a stranger and hold his hand, enough to climb on stage with a performing busker and copy his moves. The world was mine to explore.

I remember so many little and large things. I was the best mistake my mom ever made at 18. She used to dress me in all sorts of outfits; a sailor dress with matching navy shoes (I used to climb trees and pretend they were my ship), some kind of 80s inspired black, white & neon orange and green outfit complete with backwards cap. But mostly I spent my childhood in my blue polyotter or nude. I was a big water baby.

When I was quite young we spent two years in Zimbabwe and those have proven to be the best years of my life so far! We swam in crocodile-waters, camped next to hippos and spent hours in the sun. My favourite toy there was a colourful cassette player that I carried around with me everywhere! I could record myself too as it had a plug-in microphone, I’ve still got one of the tapes of me singing my little heart out.

I also had a Teenage Ninja Mutant Turtle, one of those soft plastic ones. I think it was the purple guy? I loved the way he smelt.

I remember watching Disney’s Robin Hood every single day and just absolutely wishing I could be Maid Marion. My first taste of any kind of thievery was when some guys broke into my grandparents house and stole my Robin Hood VHS! I was heartbroken and really couldn't understand why they would take it.

I (sadly) haven't had time to upload some pics but promise I will soon! I feel happy to be me and have had the past I've had so far. I look forward to new things, but will always walk hand-in-hand with my four-year old self. In many ways she was much braver than I am and she saw life in a way I'd love to. I'm glad I get to know her.

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Ps, thanks to Fable Fairy for such a wonderful idea, glad I got to be a part of something that so many kooky, beautiful and just plain lovely bloggers are a part of.


FarmGirl said...

Lovely post!
I forgot about Teenage Ninja Mutant Turtles - loved them!

Fablefairy said...

Hey! Thanks for this post. Oh Man sometimes I still wish the teenage mutant ninja turtles would come and save me !

Chantel said...

Oh Yes the Ninja turtles! I forgot about those, i actually liked them too ;-)

Anthea said...

Really enjoyed reading your Heritage Day post. You have a way with words.

Also glad I got to learn about your blog through Fable Fairy's idea


Bobby said...

Loved reading this :)
Sounds like Zim was quite an adventure...

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