Monday, September 13, 2010

The Weekend That Was

Oh my goodness. What a weekend! This weekend I...

+ Giggled, drank & talked naughty with the lovely Se & wonderful Meh
+ Saw a band that amazed me *When Karma Sleeps*
+ Drank Savannah with lemon slices
+ Went shopping with the lovely drummer (whom I love enormously)
+ Bought a summery one-piece from The Lot
+ Had amazing vegetarian sushi from Salushi
+ Had sundowners on Llandudno beach with beautiful people
+ Saw the lovely drummer's band at Zula
+ Mixed my drinks and so the night from 12.30am til 5am is a major blank (I was safe though, the lovely drummer looked after me)
+ Slept until 3 on Sunday
+ Made plans for Earthdance next weekend
+ Realised how much I love my friends

How was your weekend?
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