Tuesday, July 6, 2010

The Weekend That Was

1 Picnic
Another busy one, this weekend I...

+ sat in 3 hours of 2010 World Cup Traffic (traffic makes me claustrophobic)
+ saw the last half of the Germany/Argentina game
+ studied for my learners (I passed, yay!)
+ had two anniversary picnics
+ fed some horses halved apples
+ chilled with a very furry cat
+ met a curious Egyptian goose
+ went to the planetarium
+ fell asleep at the planetarium
+ found out that not every boy is as lovely as the lovely drummer
+ remembered my love for Turkish Delight
+ went to a "cool" party and realised "cool" people are also just people

Photos I like from my weekend:

A squabble
A moment

A toy
A floor
A room
A furry cat
A gee
A bag
A brand
A ceiling

I love my camera.

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