Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Fantastic Mr. Fox and Bright Star

We watched Fantastic Mr. Fox and Bright Star the other night and I loved them both for such different reasons.

Fox: Wes Anderson has such a great way of captivating awkwardness and making it so entertaining. This rendition of Roald Dahl genius is truly brilliant with such appealing energy and some of the sharpest dialogue I've seen in a movie lately.

Best Quote (it was so hard to choose):
Agnes: I'm still your lab partner.
Ash: No you're not, you're disloyal
Ash: Do you think I'm an athlete?
Mr Fox: What are you talking about?
Ash: Well, you know, I think I'm an athlete, and sometimes I feel like you guys don't see me that way.
Mr Fox: What's the sub-text here?
Star: This movie is the most perfect portrayal of love I've seen. It captures the agony of being rejected, and loved, and left behind, and an artist and the whole misunderstanding of the entire world of the human soul.

Fanie and Keats have such chemistry but not the modern-day sexual kind, it's a love that's so real no other two hearts could possibly understand it and Jane Campion manages to bring that across while making the film a poetic feast for the eyes.

Best Quote:
The whole of John Keats' poem read as the outgoing credits roll slowly away.

Too magical!

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