Friday, July 16, 2010

Oh, erm, that's kinda gross

So yesterday the boss was out at a meeting in far out world somewhere. He usually (and very nicely, thank you boss) gives me and my two other collegues a lift home after work so when he figured he wouldn't be back in time he asked me to go ask his mother to drive us home (our offices are near his parent's house).

Along I go, knock on the door and very politely say "Hi, How are you?", "That's good, I'm fine thanks...[Boss] asked me to ask you if you could please lift us home?".

Easy enough. Now somewhere along I must have had an itch on my side and subconsciously went to scratch supposed itch because all of a sudden boss' mother tells me some very disturbing news...the conversation went a bit like this:

Boss' Mom: You're not itching are you!?
Me: Um *stops hand in midscratch * no...
Boss' Mom: Oh Good! Cause I've got this terribly contagious scavies I've been battling for six weeks and I thought maybe it had been spread onto you lot, ha ha.
[Inside my head: CONTAGIOUS SCAVIES!? What the Hell!? Ah, what do I say? WHAT DO I SAY?]
Me: *Takes a step back*  uh... *walks back to the office*

Seriously, just the thought makes me itch all over!
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