Thursday, July 15, 2010

About Schmidt

I watched About Schmidt last night for the first time and it was nothing like I imagined it to be (not that I'm sure I had even imagined it to be anything).

I wanted to laugh at this movie cause in my mind it had all the ingredients for a comedy: sad man with a quite unappealing & annoying wife, man is retired, man's old work wants nothing really to do with him, man writes hilarious letter to young boy in Africa (is it Africa?) whom he is sponsoring, man has quite the temper which he tries to keep under wraps...but then the film took on this serious, desperate note that just wouldn't be ignored despite my insistence that it was supposed to be a comedy.

Warren Schmidt's wife dies and he realises that he's quite lonely and unwanted. It's an up and down story, much like life I suppose, and the best thing about it is Jack Nicholson's bedraggled portrayal of a man past his prime and with very little to live for.

I guess you could call this film a Comedrama or a Dromedy

Best Quote:
Warren Schmidt: You're making a big mistake, don't marry this guy, don't do it.
Jeannie Schmidt: What are you talking about?  
Warren Schmidt: The other night I had a dream and it was very real. Your mother was there and you were there and your aunt Estelle. And there was a... well, it wasn't really a spaceship, it was more like a blimp or an orb of some kind. And then a bunch of weird creatures came out and started trying to take you away, and you wanna know what? They all looked like Randall. Do you understand? And I was jumping up and down to save you.

The lovely drummer is taking me out to dinner tonight, *happy!

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