Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Bands I saw...

On Saturday night I visited Zula Bar in Long Street to see a band.

Blaque Haze are a foursome with style and class (and best of all a collective sense of humour) who play Jazzy, Soulful Funk with such eloquence that I immediately liked them. Their M. Jackson tribute was heartfelt and played with such sensitivity, and they owned their version of Solange's Sandcastle.

I found my expectations of them being whiny and too R. Kellyesque were completely squashed under my dancing feet. Goh-Lee!

I also saw Good Luck, a dj-type, sax-keyboard vibe with female singer onstage ball of energy, all with one thing in mind - to get the masses dancing. They really got everyone into the dancefloor, but for me lacked the personal touch that Blaque Haze gave their audience.
Photo from here.
Love you Zula xox

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