Thursday, July 22, 2010

Ice Skating

Last night a few friends and I went Ice Skating at the shiny Grand West Casino.

I like the romantic idea of ice skates...and ice...and ice was really looking forward to gliding along, being all graceful and pretty much looking awesome. Of course not 30 seconds after my blades hit the frost did some crazy ass kid come floating along (at an incredible speed, don't be fooled) Right In Front Of Me and nearly left me in a crumpled and completely devoid-of-dignity heap.

Luckily I recovered and was able to enjoy the rest of my 90 minutes on the ice which is where my point actually lies.

Fact: Ice Skates Hurt A Lot.
Fact: Professional Ice Skaters (The slim beautiful kind) look so petite and pretty and gorgeous and just so damn perfect.
Fact: Their feet must be gross.

There is no way that ANY person can spend hours on the ice, training, falling, splooshing, slipping, gliding whatevering, and not have hideously ugly feet! I mean I have blisters from just an hour and a half of flighty "wooshing" as Se's friend might say ( x )

So, I'm sure you'll all be happy to know, I am no longer desperately disappointed that i couldn't (ok, just didn't) become a professional ice skater being whisked along by some hot althoughbeit-in-very-tight-spandex ice skating prince. And that's because I like my feet the way they are.

And I'm pretty sure the lovely drummer boy does too.
Photo from here.


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