Thursday, March 31, 2011

Something nice for Autumn

This is going ot be me at the La Mouette Autumn Sale

So when the weather starts to get colder generally people like to stay under the covers, get all cosy with their other half, watch DVDs, drink hot chocolate and, well, eat. They eat a lot. They eat as much as they can get and as much as they can afford. Well I do anyways.

Which is why I'm super stoked that my friend Ming-Cheau from Butterfingers sent me a link to the most yummiest, awesome deal ever. Ever people, ever.

The La Mouette Restaurant is having an Autumn sale where you get 2 Tasting Menus for the price of 1. Score? I think so!

For the whole of April you can buy one for R240 and get two 6-course Tasting Menus. Guess what the lovely drummer's boy's going to be spoiling me with soon, hehe.

The sale is valid from Tuesday to Sunday from 6pm until 10pm every night. It's better to book in advance; I can just see hungry patrons, the look of ravenousity in their eyes, mawling each other for a table for two. Ha ha.

Anyways if you're keen email them on or call them on 021 433 0856 to book.

Maybe I'll even see you there. 


Ming-Cheau Lin said...

Rad lady! La Mouette is awesome. The restuarant has a beautiful courtyard and their food is delicious. I highly recommend it :)

-TheseJadeDays- said...

Gonna try get the lovely drummer boy to take me sometime soon!

:) xx

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