Tuesday, March 8, 2011

i love Ram!

ok wow, so Ramfest was incredible, crazy and hot. our carpool left Cape Town at 1pm all cramped up and listening to Phoenix's Lisztomania (soundtrack to my life currently) and embarked on our lil adventure.

We had our tents, sleeping bags, booze and food and we were ready to rock the weekend out of its socks! we arrived and were brisked right through the entrance, no queues for the awesome, found our site and immediately headed for the pool for a swim.

the vibe was incredible. the weekend had begun.

i had checked out the lineups of all the acts and made a mental note of everyone i wanted to see. i probably missed more than half of my "want to see" list for, uh, reasons.

friday afternoon we kicked off with some vino and bounced around from electro pyramid to main stage to river to main stage to river to river to river (it was hot ok) and just generally had an awesome time. then i got hungry, got tired and passed out only to wake up in time for Die Antwoord.

the ninja and yolandi were disappointing. but even though the sound was terrible and they were shouting at us i couldn't tear my eyes away, especially when the fiesty little blonde pulled down her trademark gold pants and flashed us all her lily-white ass.

then i headed over to the pyramid and was blown away by Tom Deluxe and Haezer. somewhere between all this my lovely friend Se and i made a sneaky late-night trip to the pool for a little bit of swimming and i managed to slice open my palm a bit on the broken asbestos of the pool floor: fun. the medics were super accomodating even after i'd been back a fourth and fifth time for a redressing. needless to say i'd be swimming with one hand for the rest of the weekend.

saturday passed in a hot, dusty time loop of swims, refills, chilling, more chilling, arbing around and food. i tried to enjoy the "beach party" vibe they had set up but the acts were all scheduled wrong. bummer. and let me just say this right now: Alkaline Trio and Funeral for a Friend: disappointment. i didn't watch either passed the first two or three songs.

instead i revelled in the madness of the pyramid. Mr Sakitumi, Bruce Willis?, P H Fat all totally blew my mind. and of course throughout the weekend i'd amble in and out of crazy reminiscence at the Mercury tent where everyone loved everyone else and everyone knew the words to every song. DJ Sideshow you are pure, beautiful music-love.

my Ramfest highlights:
+ Vodka slushies
+ the river
+ late night missions
+ the pyramid
+ naps
+ redbull
+ hanging around our awesome campsite (Sash, Se, Wal, Paul, Kaley, Key, Jeanne, Matt, Nick, Kyle, Steve and Karl, you made this weekend amazing - thank you!)

how was your Ramfest experience?

oh and thank you Griet, your excellence is well-observed.

pics to follow

also if you've got Ramfest FOMO check out more of Paul Ward's pics of the entire weekend, they'll almost make it better.

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JM said...

hehe. thanks babe. was awesomeness..x

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