Wednesday, March 2, 2011

sailor jerry....ahoy! (the Holy Smoku party)

so on Friday night i went to the sailor jerry party at Mercury Live and had some of the liquid gold (which, turns out is way too sweet for me with coke).

twas an excellent night spend frolicking and dancing with friends, listening to bands and letting the stress of the previous week go. here are some things i think about the night:

Albert Frost was a bit of a laugh. at some point i remember watching him at the downstairs stage and he had guitar problems. fair enough but then he stops playing and the music continues? huh? did i miss something here and if i did please correct me but isn't the music suppose to be heard when the artist is playing it? at first i thought i was going crazy but my friend noticed it too so there you go.

Machineri are cool cause Sannie Fox is a sexy frontgirl a la Natalie, former frontgirl of Red Light in June. but the fox had lost her heart (or something). she stood onstage like some sort of zombie sultrily (i don't care if that's not a word) singing away. kinda a weird mix.

i loved The Bone Collectors. they're mad zany and have such a cool onstage vibe. the bluesy rock and the action onstage as these guys bang on their instruments is lovely.

and, to be perfectly honest, i missed Peachy Keen. by that time i had migrated to the great watering hole that is The Shack.

were you there that night? what did you think?

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