Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Pretty picture

Just thought I'd share this with you because I like it.

Love the style and the happy looks on all the little monsters' faces.

I like how the artists give monsters a fairy-talesque feel. They're all too adorable!

Seem more of their work here


drummerboy said...

You have the coolest blog :)

SniperMime said...

That is the weirdest illustration. When I was little i had a recurring nightmare where my parents and older brother would take off their uncomfortable 'human suits' once i was forced to go to bed at 20h00.

Brings back some horrific memories! It's awesome though!

-TheseJadeDays- said...

Did you read a lot of Calvin and Hobbes? Sounds like something Calvin might dream up

Sorry it brought up bad memories!
:) xx

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