Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Le Bonheur Wine Estate for a bit of wine, fun and French

So on Friday afternoon the lovely Se and wonderful Meh and I set off for the stretched out lands of Stellenbosch area. We were headed for Le Bonheur Wine Estate, some fine wining and an evening of Frenchy fun.

Firstly: don't ever set off for the far-out lands of that side of the world without directions. We did and ended up taking a wrong turn, spending hours in the car and visiting a crocodile farm. Hmm.

But, eventually our femaley-intuitive-directional-radars (we have those) helped us find the beautiful Le Bonheur.

We were treated to a complimentary glass of wine (just enough to tempt you to buy a bottle), some themed snacks and a warm environment in which to chill, chat and await the screening of the film for the evening.

Since the lovely Se is studying French and plans to whisk herself away to Paris at some point we found ourselves seated in front of a warm fire and a big screen to the opening credits of La Vie en Rose.

It was a fun evening doing something a bit different but I do have some advice for those wanting to enjoy the estates dinner and a movie evenings: bring along your own pillow for the film and make sure you specify any food issues - Se doesn't eat ANY meat and I've just given up pork which didn't really work with their bacon and cheese quiches and parma ham wraps.

Otherwise it was lovely!

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