Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Smooth Hound Sharks

Hey everyone, I dunno bout you but for me this day is dragggggggging on too damn slowly.

I just wanted to let you all know that I think Smooth-Hound Sharks ( they're also called Dog-Sharks) are so beautiful. I didn’t even know the lil guys existed until today – but sadly they endangered. Apparently new information has established that Smooth-Hound Sharks only start mating when they are between 4-6 years old, and only give birth to one baby every two years (that’s a lot more than most people would have but still).

I just like them, they look friendly.

Also, last night my big brother (from another set of parents) The Coop came over for dinner and a pizza. I was checking my FaceBook page when he arrived and was looking at a friend of mine’s RTDs photo album when he snuck up behind me and says “Who’s that blonde girl?”
“I don’t know” I said [I didn’t]
“Go into that photo.” [So I clicked on the photo]
We both examine the girl.
“Go onto her profile” he says, [I obey]
We look at her profile.
“Go into her profile pics” [I do]
We look at her pics
“Go into that pic” [he points, I click]
It is here that it dawned on me that my big brother is using me to stalk random (but pretty) girls.

And I didn’t even hesitate. FaceBook is evillllllll.

Happy Tuesday lovely readers

Ps I had a chocolate chip cookie, rusks and a marmite sandwich for lunch, what did you have?

I got this image from here.  


Claudz said...

naughty brother!
Have a taco salad for lunch - cheesy salad with left over spicy chicken and taco shells chips :)

-TheseJadeDays- said...

hmm, your cheesy taco salad sounds delish!

now im all hungry again!

:) xx

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