Thursday, October 21, 2010


Last night I had a crazy and very scary nightmare. I was on a mission and it involved catching up to someone (unknown) that was for some or other reason ‘bad’. But then when I caught up to them it turned out they were good and I had to help them with something (it’s all very vague as dreams are wont to be).

I ended up with this person at a poolside and saw my friend lovely Se and her new boyfriend. I realised that the person I was with was attempting to seduce her boyfriend and I was the one who brought them together. I was shocked and as I moved towards them I knocked a cat into the water of the pool. He sank to the bottom and me being the animal-lover I am dived in after the fur-ball. Only thing was that as I reached the bottom I realised I was too drunk to swim and ended up almost drowning with the cat in my arms. Slowly (painstakingly slowly) I walked my way to the shallow end of the pool and could eventually climb out – the cat was limp and lifeless and my heart dropped. I lay it down and tried to revive it. I then realised it wasn’t a cat at all but lovely Se’s boyfriend!

Boy did I panic. I started giving him mouth-to-mouth and frantically pushing down on his chest and when he eventually coughed up the liquids in his lungs it was blood. It went everywhere – all over him and me. And then I woke up…

I went to see Machete last night so that kinda explains the gruesiddity of my dream but man oh man was it yuck.

Have you had any nightmares lately?

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